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What To Do If You Have Been Scammed

Have you lost money due to a scam?

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Internet Scams: A Victim's Story

So four months ago I recieve a note from an older widow with a ten year old daughter.An only child he is no relatives. He states he is a project manager travells a lot. Looking to relocate to my area.

About a month ago he tells me he has won a contract in Nigeria. Off he goes. Maintains contact through yahoo. Of course guy runs out of money. He explains the company he works for told him not to take his credit cards. I am the only one who knows he's there. His poor daughter.

List of events:
  • paid his hotel bill
  • his contractors bill
  • his flight to Lagos
  • immigration tax
  • some medical bills after an accident
  • blah blah blah. 

I’m the only one who knows he’s there. $60,000 later he then says his daughters been kidnapped. Huh? Okay wait a minute this has become ridiculous. TV news talks about internet dating scams from Africa. Oh my God. I a very educated woman. He said everything right. I could not leave him out there with a child.

Is there anyone dumber than me out there? We kind people are the broke ones.

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