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Another Internet Scam: From General Willem Christoffel

Dear Beloved,

My name is General Willem Christoffel I am 42 years old, I am a Citizen of
South Africa (White).
I am contacting you solely on a business related issues.
During the crisis in Liberia regarding the diamond crises. I was among the
troops deployed to
Liberia for peace keeping Mission. Thousand and one Illegal Diamond smoglers
was arrested at the time.
American and British Multil Billion Diamond Company's was held by the Law
Agent because they aided and abated the Diamond Crises by purchasing illegal

During the time of the Diamond Crises, we arrested a Mutil Million Dollars
Diamond Merchant
After much investigation we recover the sum of 45Million Dollars Cash all
spendable money
and a duffle bag full of diamond. At the time of interrogation, the suspect
died of a heart attack.
We were about three generals who was aware of this proposal but two of the
Generals died in the process
of exchanging fire with the Liberian Rebels. I am the only person who knows
about this money and the diamonds
I never informed the Government of this because i know they are going to use
this funds and diamonds for thier
own selfish interest.So I decided to deposit this funds and diamond in a
security company informing the security
company that the funds and diamond belongs to a Foreign Business Man. Giving
more details that the beneficiary will
apply for his consignment soon. Several notification have been sent to me by
the Security Company to provide the Beneficiary
to come and claim is consignment as the period of deposit has elapsed.

This is where I need you to come in. I want you to apply for the funds and the
diamonds. Note that this deal is executed under a legitimate ground that will
protect you from
any breach of law. But you must observe utmost discretion. We shouldn't allow
any third party like friends and relative to be involved. I am going to back
you up with my

Milliatry influence to provide all legal document from the lawyer for the
change of ownership in your name Note that you are not paying any cent for the
document or attorney

fee. All I just want is your trust and assurance that you can execute this deal
with me. I know you will be wondering " Why Me?" but i must tell you I don't
trust anybody here

in my Country as is wiser to get in touch with the outsider because the chance
of betrayer is minimum than the insider who can nail you in the name of greed.

I don't know the worth of the diamond, but we are going to find out upon
completion of this deal. We are going to share the 45 Million Dollars and the
diamond in this

Percentage. 50% for me and 30% for you and the last 20% will go for the
orphanage/Charity. Should you be interested kindly furnish me with this below
information to enable me

furnish the attorney  to start all the paper work before sending it to the
attorney for the change of ownership in your name. This might interest you to
know that I am going to

pay for the change of ownership document and the attorney fee. Please don't
disclosed this to anybody because I am going to  be in trouble and it will
truncate this deal. This

kind of deal is happening everyday involving some top American Government and
the only reason you never get to find out is because they co-ordinate it very
well and they observe

utmost discretion. But if we can work together like 2 matured adult then we are
sure toasting with big bottle of Champaigne.

I will be needing your details as follows:
(1) Your Full Names.
(2) Your Home or Office Address.
(3) Your cell phone Number.
(4) Occupation.
(5) Age.

Please feel free if you have any question to ask.

Thanks and be bless

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