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Another Internet Scam: From Momka Bai Kamara

Good day

My Name is Momka Bai Kamara, Permit me to inform you of my desire of seeking your assistance towards securing my inheritance i really want to place this urgent matter in your hands because I want you to help me invest my inheritance in a lucrative business of any kind, I have an inherited funds presently in Toronto Canada.

The funds was transferred by a reliable agent working for the UN with the assistance of my first partner Mr. Brent Grant who was from British Colombia in Canada, he was also a friend and business associates to my late father, After the death of my father an agreement was signed between me and Mr Brent Grant to assist me invest the funds in a lucrative business in his country and to also relocate me to the either Canada or the United State, Mr Grant was unable to clear and claim the box from the agent because he was rushed to the hospital for surgery but unfortunately for Mr Brent Grant passed away 2 weeks ago from a brain cancer illness (may his gentle soul rest in peace)

If you would be interested to work with me on this transaction i will introduce you as my new partner to the officer in charge of the box at the custom Bonded warehouse in Toronto,  i will also forward to you every details including the details of the above mentioned officer so you can open up communications with him on how the box could be delivered to you.

Note! that before we proceed an agreement would be drafted and signed by the both of us regarding your pledging to be my new partner and also that you will not act otherwise when my inheritance gets to your position, i will also include in the agreement a 20% share from the total sum to you for your assistance before you would now assist me invest the rest in any lucrative business of your choice, so please get back to me with the details below so i can furnish you with more details.

Full Names:........................

Resident Address.............................................

Tel or cell Numbers:.......................................

Yours Truly

Momka Bai Kamara

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