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Another Internet Scam: From Mr. Wesley Tradwel - Ashanti Regional Manager

Dear, Beloeved.
My Greeting and Compliment.

My name is Mr.Wesley Tradwel, I am the Ashanti Regional Manager of our Bank here in Ghana. I do not want problems but I just hope you can assist me. I write you this letter in good faith.

I am in control of Nine Million, Eight Hundred and Fifty Thousand US Dollars ($9,885,000.00) and I realized the excess profit from a contract that was awarded to a foreign company here in Ghana by the  Ghana Health Services to supply ante-natal and  post-natal drugs to rural areas in Ghana. This said money for the  supply of drugs was first deposited in my branch of our Bank where I work. With my position as the Regional Manager, I trade with the money in Ghana Stock Market before the contractors withdrew the money for the said purpose. I  therefore deposited the profit I made in Escrow Call Account, Strictly for Further Transfer abroad and I did not  declare this to my head office.

I contacted you  to stand-in as the beneficiary to this funds because as the Regional Manager I don't have to  be involved with this kind of amount of money in other not to jeopardize the chances of having the funds legally claimed for onward transfer. I can  move this money to any bank account of your choicer  through any of our Offshore  Bank Filtering Center  covering the region, but can I rely trust you  to hold this money for me until I arrive your  country  and pick it up myself and you deduct 25% of the  money  as your commission. If you accept my offer you can  contact me only on my private phone number or  email-address. If you do not accept can you forget I  contacted you?

All I need is for you to get me a good current  account  in your bank where I can move this money. There are  practically no risks involved, it will be a bank to  bank transfer. I hope you understand my situation.
Thank you and God bless.

Yours truly,
Mr.Wesley Tradwel

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