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Another Internet Scam: From Mrs. Lisa K. Williams - Freedom Consultancy

Freedom Consultancy
Office Address: 1509 Welbeck Street, London
United Kingdom.

Dear ___,

I have verified from APPLE Chief Financial Officer (Dr. Bryan George) that you are one of their Lucky Winners and i have just received your claims documents from Dr. Bryan George which will be used to apply for your Prize Authorization Letter.

Considering the urgency and time frame of the promotion, i will act on your behalf to obtain the Prize Authorization Letter upon payment of the application fee of (£475.00 Pounds equivalent to 277,133.05 ZWD).

The application fee (£475.00 Pounds equivalent to 277,133.05 ZWD) should be sent to me through Western Union Money Transfer to my secretary below information for quick pick up.

Receiver's Name: Compton Guy Robin
Address: 1509 Welbeck Street, London
Country: United Kingdom.
ID Number: 099190953

After effecting your payment to the above information Via Western Union Money Transfer, you are to send a scanned copy of your payment slip to this office via email.

I have with me the original copy of your deed of guarantee received from Dr. Bryan George, and a scanned copy of it is attached to this mail, also attached is my secretary Identification Document.

NOTE: After claiming your won prize, it can be transferred to your account if you wish that i send it through Bank transfer to you, all you need to do is to send me your Bank Account6 details after sending payment for your Prize Authorization Letter.  APPLE has made it possible for you to open an offshore online Transfer account with their affiliate Alliance Leicester Bank PLC without any charges and also free Courier delivery of your choice within DHL, FEDEX and UPS Courier, if you wish for the courier delivery option ensure to send me your delivery address along with your post code, province and state.

Prize Authorization Letter charges cannot be deducted from your won prize, because we have to obtain it from the British Gaming Council here in United Kingdom before your Prize can be release.

Please call me on +447024033981 or email me immediately you get this message.

Mrs. Lisa K. Williams
Freedom Consultancy
Tel: +447024033981
Fax: +447043073073

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