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Another Internet Scam: From Mrs Christiana Morgan Simmon

I am Mrs Christiana Morgan Simmon, From Cherry Hill New Jersey, im 51
yrs , Im an Engineer I have worked with Kuwait Oil Company for fifteen
years , Widowed .I am diagnosed with Breast Cancer which had defiled
all forms, Im presently in St Mary Hospital , in Barcelona Spain for
the past three weeks and im really in the hardest time of my life, I
Lost my Husband Mr Jefferson Simmon in 2006 i wish he was still alive
to console me at these present moment, I am writing you based on my
latest medical report which the surgeons inform me that i have few
days to live on earth and i feel so sad to live the world right now
but i have no option as i believe that it had been destined by God, I
am contacting you based on the fact that I want to create a Legacy for
me even after i passed away i would be remember by the society, I want
to set up a Cancer Charity Foundation which would be in Memory of me
so i could be remember after i passed away and i am willing to donate
my Fund presently in Rhodeville Security and Finance in Paris France,
the sum of $17.4 Million usd.I have concluded my plans to choose you
as the Director to coordinate the Affairs of these Charity Foundation
because i believe we meet once in seminar, once you reply me i would
give you more details and reason why i choose you after seeing your
profile, I hope i can confide my trust in you and even see you at my
sick bed side before i passed away. I Would like you to reply me on my
personal email address for more detail:

Have me in your Prayers.

Mrs Christiana Morgan Simmon.

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