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Another Internet Scam: From Mrs. Philomina Jesse of South Africa


I am Mrs. Philomina Jesse of South Africa, married to Robert Jesse of Irland and we gat no child after 21 years of married, though I and my husband decided to adopt a baby boy this year but never succeed before he gave up.

My husband is a major supplier of Agricultural equipment in West Africa but resided in Burkina Faso .
i and mine late husband desired so much to build an orphanage and rehabilitation home to help the poor, but he never fulfill this dream before death took him away in a fatal Car accident that took place along Bobo expressway on January 16th 2011.

Frankly, the thought of his death led me to a serious illness for which I have spent about Five Months in the hospital bed and as a cancer patience, last week my doctor recommended that I undergo surgery, and ever since that information came to me, my heart crumbled, I lost confidence of living again. And so, laying on this sick bed, I decided to look for a trusted person in my contact list and hand this project over to the him/her incase I didn’t survive the operation
The operation will take place later today as the doctor insisted and i need your prayer to survive. Heart is panting and I am losing confidence of living again.

I decided to WILL the sum of $13.5m to you and I beg in the name of God that you use the money for this project. It’s still in the CBB bank and remembers to use 70% of the money to assist the Orphanages and take the rest for your job well-done.
It shall please my heart and soul wherever i find myself if you fulfill this task which I and my Husband desired so much.
Quote my personal reference number LLP/6953/906//316ouga/BF to my financial consultant so he could ascertain that I directed you to possibly transfer the fund to you, including your receiving account data.
Name: Mr. Malik Kani
we shall speak again if the surgery goes fine but remember not to betray this trust.
Please don’t misuse this trust that I bestowed on you to help the down trodden with this fund.
Thank and May almighty father be with you
Mrs. Philomina Jesse

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