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Another Internet Scam: From

Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2011 01:11:58 -0700
Subject: darling please i thank you so much and i attach my picture for you darling

good morning darling,
darling thank you so much, i have read from you what the bank wrote,  i thank God for granting us the favor and i thank you for your relentless effort,
 so i thank God that i have some documents of that money which the bank needs, like the death certificate of my father and the deposit certificate of that money although the bank did not asked of the deposit certificate,

 So darling it is of those that must be signed in your name from the high court in Senegal are not with me being the power of attorney and the affidavit of oath support in your name from the high court and with the letter of probate in my name from the high court.
So this morning after reading from you, i met the reverend pastor and explained to him all, i pleaded him if he can be of any help to us to get a good lawyer that can help us to get those legal documents from the high court in your name, I thank God he agree to help us to get a lawyer today that can help us to get them from the high court in your name, but he said that he will go for that after our morning devotion this morning,

 So please my heart, my love and my all in my life, please i promise you that as soon as i get the lawyer with his contact this morning i will send it to you so  that you contact the lawyer and tell him that he should prepare those documents in your name from the high court as the bank directed us ok.

So please before today, i will get back to you with the lawyer ok so that you contact him and tell him to prepare them in your name as the bank directed us.

I am very glad indeed darling, you have put joy in my heart this morning,
 I love you my sweetheart,
 yours in loved,
Mary Mabou

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