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Dear Sir

I Mr Ibrain. On behalf GLOBAL-NEGOCE-GOLD-MINE-SARL.of hereby propose a business transaction on Gold-dust and Gold-bars. My company works, cordinates and represents a lot of local miners by providing technical and moral support for them to boost their production capacity. We mine and export Gold dust and other precious metals from Mali with government approved mining and export licence. We have our open pit in Sabadell community in Keyes Mali . We are interested on gold dust mining partnership and monthly supply contract to any reorganized refinery. We have the above mentioned product (GOLD) in large quantity ready for sale. Interested buyers, companies and firms are welcome for business discussion. We are also ready to go into long term contract with any company in exchange of our product (gold-dust/bar) for your own line of product or services. You are free to contact us for more details.
Item available.
We have presently for inspection and Export 4000 KGS AU.

* Quantity: 4000 kilograms available for export
* Purity: 96% +
* Fineness: W22 + Karat alluvial Au
* Origin: Mali ,
* Price: $28,000 usd per kilogram (FOB)
* Packaging: Metal export packaging
* Delivery: Cargo Air Way Bill
Note: this offer is only for willing buyers, offer last for 30 days.

Contact us for more inquiries and detail FCO.

Best Regards,
Mr Ibrain Cisse,president CEO,
Telphone:+223 775 752 83.

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