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Internet Scam: Email Correspondence

Imre Kovacs: Victim
Mr Philip Hamptom: Scammer

See below:

Dear Imre Kovacs, 
Greetings to you and thanks for your email. Please you should read carefully my email dated below. I urge you to forward your data's immediately to me, to enable me effect the changes on the deceased fund files, to confirm you the true next of kin beneficiary inherited of the funds from the bank central computer mounted in my office in the bank. I will wait for your response, as to supersede the funds to your beneficiary to favored.   

I wait for your wait for your response. 

Mr Philip Hamptom,

Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2011 15:30:05 +0200
Subject: Re: My Dear,Partner

Dear Philip!

I think the text shows that it does not speak English, but (Google is my friend) I learn but also to fix the phone number is not given to you. Or through an interpreter to talk about it.
  My question to you now that I transferred the entire amount of which shall be returned to me? I get something that is proof that money from an inheritance? This is because not all local taxes. Because if there is proof of the tax to zero.
If you only see this on the bill and 16% of the income tax.
Currently, I only Hungarian forint bank account is
but I can open foreign currency accounts can be shown in $.

I look forward to reply!

Imre Kovacs

 Kovács Imre Tel: +36 70 778-2345

2011.07.21. 2:47 keltezéssel, philip from uk írta:
My Dear,Partner
Thank you so much for your prompt response to my first letter and acceptance to be involved in this once in a life time golden opportunity transaction. with regards to your mail, first I have to assure you that this DEAL is 100% hitch free to both parties, as all the necessary legal modalities for the safe transfer of this fund (usd$10.5m) into the bank account you shall present has been put in place, therefore you don't have to worry for whatsoever reason.
The deceased operates an account with this bank but during the period of deposit, no name was written in his account documents as his next of kin or relatives. He died in Air disaster, alongside with his family members, I tried everything humanly possible to locate his relatives but all efforts failed. If his fund still left dormant in the next couple of months, his fund will be confiscated to the UK  government, also this fund might be shared among some top corrupt government officials. It is for these reason that I have sleeked for your urgent and sincere help to get this fund transferred to your account....
Being a foreigner, I have written and sleeked for your assistance to stand as the next of kin to the deceased, so that this fund will be wired to any bank account you shall present. As i am the head of Audit department in the bank in London England UK..
I will replace your complete data in our central computer system unit to legally put you in place as the next of kin to the deceased and the beneficiary of the fund. You are only requested to send to me your complete details, so that my lawyer will  commence with the documentation process immediately:
1}Your full name
2}Home and office address
3}telephone number
4)scan copy of your international passport or ID card.
Banking account Details
As stated in my first letter, I have agreed to compensate you  with 50% , while I intend to donate part of my shares to charity and invest the rest of my share in your country but based on your advise and directives. Please note that based on your total commitment and understanding, we shall accomplish this transaction within 7 working days, once I receive the above requested details from you.
while I urge you to please maintain strict confidentiality attached to this transaction because am still in active service with this bank my direct telephone number here to you
I wait for your swift call response soonest.
Best Regards
Mr. Philip Hamptom
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