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Internet Scams: News for 7/1/11

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Senior 'Surfers' Vulnerable to Internet Scams
Huffington Post (blog)
We're forever warning teenagers to be careful online -- don't reveal personal information to strangers, avoid scams, report bullying behavior. It turns out the same advice may be appropriate for grandma and grandpa, as well. ...
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Ashburton Inhabitant Victimized with Scam E-Mail
SPAMfighter News
Jac Sparks, who lives in Ashburton (New Zealand), was lately victimized with an Internet fraud, thus published in news on June 23, 2011. The scam worked on. Sparks because she unwittingly replied to an apparently authentic ...
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Lyme Regis: Warning after £2k taken in online scam
Bridport and Lyme Regis News
By James Tourgout » FORMER teacher Chris Joyner of Lyme Regis has warned people to beware of internet scams after a friend was tricked out of £2000. He said that the cash was stolen after an email was sent to all of his email contacts claiming he had ...
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Our View: Terrorists fall victim to hackers
The Salem News
There have been a lot of stories lately about corporate and government websites getting hacked and individuals who have fallen victim to Internet scams. One has to be very wary these days. But here's a tale that falls into the good-news category: ...
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Scam Detector iPhone app will give you an education on getting ripped off
The app is divided into five sections: auto scams, face-to-face scams, Internet scams, telephone scams and travel scams. Within each, you'll find an alphabetical list of known scams. Tap into a scam to see how it works, and how you can avoid it. ...
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First Senior Financial Group's Phil Cannella Interviews FBI Cyber-Crime Expert ...
PR Web (press release)
Head of FBI Cyber Squad talks to Phil Cannella about online defamation, Internet fraud that targets seniors, and the FBI's determination to track down “anonymous” cyber-criminals. On Saturday, July 2, the Crash Proof Retirement Show™ will air a ...
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Police warn of repair scams
Estherville Daily News
Traveling contractors are usually involved in some type of scam. There are also scams on the internet and telephone scams asking for personal information. There have also been phone scams of the elderly asking them for bail or bond money for a ...
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If it sounds too good ...
Daily Freeman Journal
A scammer will likely fold their offer. There are many websites that people can turn to for more information. I visited The site outlines how to recognize many of the telephone and Internet scams out there. ...
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Google+ Invites are Hot Commodity: Watch Out for Scams
Get an invite from people you know, not some stranger on the Internet. Beware of any person on the web offering an invite in exchange for personal information or payment. It's much better to be safe than sorry, don't you think? ...
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