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Internet Scams: News for 7/13/11

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FIP: Scams up in Stephenson
Freeport Journal-Standard
By Travis Morse To Todd Welch, Internet and telephone scams represent a serious financial threat to the general public, which makes it all the more important for area residents to carefully guard their personal information. The variety and type of scam ...
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Good-looking websites attract consumer trust: Study
According to a study by the University of Melbourne internet consumers are 20% more trusting of websites than they were five years ago despite the increase in online scams. The survey reveals that while internet users may be more trusting online ...
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Cybercriminals Attempt to Deceive Internet Users with Fake Google+ Invites (press release)
Internet users must be cautious of dubious schemes, and avoid answering to survey scams. They must be cautious, while disclosing personal and financial information. Following security blogs, adherence to vendor's security advisories and alerts by ...
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Avoid Telemarketing Fraud
Instead of accepting the phone number they offer, you're much safer looking up the number independently — in the Yellow Pages or on the Internet. If the caller says he's with a company that you're already doing business with — such as a utility or ...
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Casey Anthony Facebook scam preys on social-media users
Orlando Sentinel
•The user then is taken to another website to answer a never ending succession of questionnaires, giving scammers referral fees and traffic from every completed survey. Internet scams are not new, but Benton said they are becoming more pervasive on ...
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Duped lawyer liable for losses in money-transfer scam
... from the Royal Bank and removed the hold on Grenville-Wood's cheque deposit. Scams in which people are promised a cut for helping transferring funds are ubiquitous on the Internet but it was not immediately clear how or why Grenville-Wood got ensnared.
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Northwest Colorado Inhabitants Warned about Tax E-Mail Scam
SPAMfighter News
Nevertheless, according to the IRS Internet site, the agency doesn't encourage interactions with taxpayers via electronic mail. Therefore, such e-mails must be regarded a hoax, while answering them by providing personal information can lead to ID-theft ...
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'Free' offers likely to be filled with fees and fraud
Tulsa World
The bargain-price luxury travel package you're offered on the phone or Internet will not fit your idea of luxury. Some travel opportunities included in such offers are legitimate, but most are scams. The word "offer" is a clue for "hidden charges. ...
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UK Models Purespace Ramp Up War On Scammers (press release)
As technology increases, particularly in regard to the Internet, it is only natural that the crooks and con men will adapt their methods in order to maximise the opportunity for criminal enterprise. In order to combat this online menace the legitimate ...
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Scams surround immigration services
Observer News
He also makes contact through email; the Internet and his Web site. “The misinformation about this is what kills people. It can bankrupt them for life,” he explained. “And what hurts me most is that it comes from word-of-mouth between the Latino ...
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