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These emails and text messages are real examples of current scams. Learn to identify them. Please forward any scams you receive to Mark Hutten: They will be posted on this site without your email address.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed

Have you lost money due to a scam?

Email: with a description of how the scam worked (i.e., what happened exactly), and we will try to (a) locate the scam artist(s), (b) work with law enforcement to expedite prosecution, and (c) help you get some - or all - of your money back.


Internet Scams: News for 7/15/11

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BBB alerts area residents to new and old scams
Chesterton Tribune
Internet dating can be a way to meet that special someone, but as with anything related to the Internet, scammers scan these sites consistently looking for that lonely person to con. Beware of a fake picture of someone better looking or of false ...
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It's a scam! Don't click that link, even from the IRS (KNXV-TV)
Unsolicited e-mail may be a type of tax scam known as Phishing. Phishing (as in “fishing for information” and “hooking” victims) is a scam where Internet fraudsters send e-mail messages to trick unsuspecting victims into revealing personal and ...
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Online romance scams seating up in Southwest Florida
Naples Daily News
The Sheriff's Office encourages all internet users who are considering an online romance to remember that scammers will use whatever personal information you provide to quickly paint themselves as your perfect match. To obtain more information on ...
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Residents warned of telephone scams
The State
Never give out personal or bank account information on the internet unless you trust the company or service. Use third-party secure payment services such as Paypal when offered. Use credit cards instead of debit cards for online purchases when possible ...
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Computer scam artists target Capital Region
Goldstream Gazette
There are a lot of scams out there.” Saanich police Sgt. Dean Jantzen said victims often agree to pay the caller via PayPal to fix viruses and then allow “security software” to be uploaded onto their machine from the Internet. ...
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MarketWatch (press release) is poised to become the leader in Internet safety for kids. To avoid predators, cyberbullying, and phishing scams, all invitees, buddies and friends that their children communicate with on must be pre-approved by the ...
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Tonight at 10: Claim Your Money
MyFox Wausau
By Daniel Woodruff, Anchor, Multimedia Journalist - bio | email WAUSAU (WAOW) -- In the age of the Internet, there certainly are a lot of scams out there. But not everything is fake. Wisconsin actually wants to give you money! ...
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Scambusters of Oregon Helping To Prevent Internet Fraud, Scams ...
This blog is dedicated to help preventing internet fraud and internet scams. Scambusters was a radio show I started in Albany Oregon, but due to defaulted ...

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