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These emails and text messages are real examples of current scams. Learn to identify them. Please forward any scams you receive to Mark Hutten: They will be posted on this site without your email address.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed

Have you lost money due to a scam?

Email: with a description of how the scam worked (i.e., what happened exactly), and we will try to (a) locate the scam artist(s), (b) work with law enforcement to expedite prosecution, and (c) help you get some - or all - of your money back.


Internet Scams: News for 7/19/11

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Internet scams target online job seekers
(KFSN) -- The internet is a vital tool connecting employers and job hunters. In this tough economy, people are doing whatever it takes to make sure their resumes reach as many eyes as possible. But those eyes may include scammers, seeing opportunity in ...
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Internet scam targets senior citizens
Daily Local News
Curt Schroder issued an alert Monday warning senior citizens to beware of Internet cash scams, and he highlighted resources to assist seniors in crime prevention. Schroder, R-155th of East Brandywine, said technological advances such as the Internet ...
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Authorities Clamp Down On Internet Fraud Scams
eWEEK Europe UK
Authorities in the United States and Romania are said to have arrested more than 100 people in connection with Internet fraud schemes. According to the US Justice Department, the 100 plus people that were arrested are part of aa year-long effort to ...
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eWEEK Europe UK
Scam bilks $2200 from job-seeker, BBB says
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
... cashing fake checks or paying for training that should be free. If you find a job scam or Internet fraud, report it to the BBB by emailing and contact the Internet Fraud Complaint Center at 800-251-3221 or
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'This girl must be Out of her Mind to do this on live Television!' scam ...
ZDNet (blog)
... PDT Researchers from Sophos have intercepted a currently spreading Facebook scam, enticing users into clicking on a bogus video link. Ryan Naraine is a journalist and social media enthusiast specializing in Internet and computer security issues. ...
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Is PayPal Scared Of Nigeria?
Forbes (blog)
But nowadays, Nigerian online scams are being mitigated by various economic and financial crime watch groups. Fraud has been reduced drastically, and I'm not just saying this to make Nigeria look good. It's the truth. Nigerian internet scammers do not ...
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How To Avoid Internet Scams - Internet - Scams
Are you doing everything you can to protect your Internet Safety? Think you're saavy? Do you think you know to how to avoid Internet scams?

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