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These emails and text messages are real examples of current scams. Learn to identify them. Please forward any scams you receive to Mark Hutten: They will be posted on this site without your email address.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed

Have you lost money due to a scam?

Email: with a description of how the scam worked (i.e., what happened exactly), and we will try to (a) locate the scam artist(s), (b) work with law enforcement to expedite prosecution, and (c) help you get some - or all - of your money back.


Internet Scams: News for 7/30/11

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Moultrie Police warn of Nigerian Internet scams
By Jennifer Emert - bio | email A warning from police in Moultrie after two men there got caught up in international Internet scams. Both men ended up in jail. Not before police say they made big bucks for themselves and scammers in Nigeria. ...
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Beware of scams, safety issues in online ad listings
Whatever the story, the result is always the same: The check is a fake and the employee is out the money he or she wired back to the scammers. If you find a job scam or are the victim of Internet fraud, including Craigslist scams, report it to us by ...
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Craig Police Department issues fraud alert
Craig Daily Press
According to Forgay, con artists are using the Internet to pull similar scams through e-mail and are using social media websites, such as Facebook, to gather the personal information they use. “It's hard to say how (scammers) will revamp it once enough ...
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Police warn of scams operating in area
Paragould Daily Press
“I don't think that is by chance,” he said. Information is so unlimited that you can find names and ages on the Internet and target specific demographics. Herget said scammers often use a two-person approach. One will call you, usually a female, ...
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On the beat
Santa Monica Daily Press
Realize that Internet scammers can create realistic forgeries of websites, so avoid clicking on links in an unsolicited text message. Go directly to the company's website and fill out information there. • Ensure that a website is secure by checking to ...
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Phishing Lines: Your Guide to Internet Phone Scams
Detecting and reacting to internet shenanigans has become a major part of our online life. Whether we are throwing phishing emails to the trash or dodging ...
Internet Money Scams
There are literally thousands of these scams all over the internet. Most offer a training course or one-on-one help with the technical side of everything. ...

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