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Scam Victim Reveals Alleged Scams

Dear Sir,

Regards to above said and I would thanks to you for sincere help on this problem which
had occurred very strongly to all internet user like me. In my case I would to share with
you three cases that I had came across. See below explanation with website as your
references .

In this program mentioned that we can gain profits by using exchange rate from two
internet bank with is from liberty reserve with USD1  transfer to Perfect Monet getting USD1.32. The minimum require for transaction will be USD 10 meaning will getting USD13.20 . After did that of sum USD20.00 it doesn't happening and the money goes to Liberty Reserve account U9715782. After checking through  the exchange is belong to ( ). I noticed quite a number of our internet friend hand been scammed by this program.

In this program I would says it look like stock market. Minimum investment is USD49.00 and invest ID will be send to email box for further investment processing. After I paid there was no invest ID been send to me till now and I did send my email from their contact button by there's no respond at all. What their program said the profits will be gain was 150% after a day. But till NOW nothing happening.

In this program its more on cycle program. I had invested USD100 and in this program said the return is fast but till now there is no results and I did send message through their contact box but no answer given.

With above examples and explanation, I would like to get your kind assistant to get this scamper and put them under the justice of law so that nobody been fool by them and hope fully they have to pay all the damage that they had done. 

Thank you for your kind support on above matter and I will send to you more cases for your

Thank you


Dear Sir,

Regards to above said, herewith I would to shared with you on scam issued that I had gone
through. Its about on transaction of USD7.1 million to my account . The main actors
was  2 person name as Bill Coleman ( email address : ) and
Jerry haris ( email address : )

The original owner of the fund was Jerry haris and Bill Coleman was appointed by Jerry as a finance consultant. Bill job was to look for so call investor who willing to take the fund on behalf of Jerry whereby the fund will be collected by the investor from the bank. As investor,he need to pay all the transaction fee or whatever expenses needed. To get this fund , it taken place at 2 places, first transaction taken place in Malaysia which I had paid USD18,000 but the transaction fail coz they as me to pay the insurance cost USD300,000
but I refuse to do that. Second transaction taken place in Dubai which I had paid USD18,000.00 and flight ticket/accomodation USD15,000.00. It also fail the reason was
there is not certificate of clearance. They call me to go for third transaction but I rejected because I noticed its a scam case.

Second case was USD31 Million

The actor for this case was Daniel k ( email address : ) and Hassan
Edward ( email address : ) . The case
happening in Johanesburg, South Africa whereby the check USD31 million need to be deposited in the South Africa Bank which the money so call belong to Hassan Edward. I been selected to be his beneficiary to bank in the money. I paid USD18,000 plus air ticket with accommodation USD20,000 . The transaction fail because I have to pay 15% tax from the sum. 

With example and explanation, would like to get your assistance to trace this people and
put them in justice of law and they have to pay back all the damage.

Thank you for your assistance and support


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