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Another Internet Scam: From The Pime Foundation

Notice of Grant

The Pime Foundation.
UK Annex Office:
9 Carlton Close,
London, NW3 7UA.
United Kingdom.

Dear Recipient,

The pime Foundation sends this notification email to you as one of the
recipients of her cash Grant for your community as well as your personal
business development. The pime Foundation was established on the 30th
August, 1992 by a Multi-Million groups and companies in Europe having its'
corporate Head Quarters in Italy. The pime Foundation had it primary
objective based on humanitarian empowerment and community development.

To celebrate its 19th anniversary program for the year; the pime
Foundation is giving out a cash grant donation of £1,500,000.00 (One
Million and Five Hundred Thousand Pounds Sterling) each to six (6) lucky
recipients worldwide. 50% of this Grant must be used by the recipient for
his/her community development. This program is a yearly activity, which is
a measure of our Universal Development Program (UDP). The notable
objective of this program is to ensure that a change in the standard of
living of the people awarded this Grant and their communities are
significantly and positively enhanced.

The pime Foundation has been assured of the highest organizational
standard courtesy of the United Nations (UN), Who agrees on the
cooperative principles of the Foundation and say "It is our belief that we
can achieve great success in the general welfare of all through this
program". That is the reason the pime Foundation is doing everything
possible to get all her awardees notified through email and (or) Telephone
(if possible).

The pime Foundation was formed as a cooperative and strongly believes in
the cooperative principles. In keeping with these ideas, the pime
Foundation Board of Trustees has implemented a Community enhancement
Program as well as Personal Business Development. This is a key element of
the cooperatives vision and Strategic Plan to assist in personal business
development and also promoting community well being in our service areas.
You are required to contact the Anniversary Secretary with your
information given below:

Ref. No: PMF/0201198/01.


You are advised to keep your notification email very confidential until
your Grant gets to you and to avoid any form of unqualified or double
claiming that we normally experience. Any reported case of unqualified or
double claiming leads to instant cancellation of that particular Grant.
All acknowledgement email(s) should be directed to the office below:

Name: David Owen.
Email Address:
Phone Nos: (+44) 704 574 1453.
Anniversary Secretary.

Congratulations once again from staff and members of the pime Foundation.

Yours Sincerely,
Silvia Stefano (PRO).
The Pime Foundation.
Copyright © 1992-2011 the pime Foundation Inc All Rights Reserved.

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