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Scams: News for 8/19/11

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Free tickets to see latest Twilight movie? It's a clickjacking scam
Infosecurity Magazine
But cybercriminals are now luring internet users with a Facebook scam, supposedly offering users free tickets to an advanced screening. According to Christopher Talampas, a fraud analyst with Trend Micro, most people would be attracted to free tickets ...
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Phuket Jet-Ski Scams: Aussies to Screen Official YouTube Video Warning Soon
By Alan Morison PHUKET: Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is making a video warning travellers about Phuket's jet-ski scammers and it will be posted on the Internet soon. Footage for the video was shot surreptitiously on Patong beach ...
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"Free 'Breaking Dawn Part 2' tickets" Facebook scam
Help Net Security
The penultimate movie in The Twilight Saga has not yet arrived to cinemas, but cyber scammers have decided on an even bigger attraction to lure Internet users into sharing their personal information: the log-awaited last installment - Breaking Dawn ...
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Help Net Security
Union County athorities warn residents of text message phishing scam
Spartanburg Herald Journal
He said there appeared to be no particular age group or demographic targeted by the scam. Phishing scams are prevalent on the Internet via email accounts, but their perpetrators have expanded their target-base to cell phone users in recent years. ...
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Beware, don't get caught by scams
Horse & Hound Online
The first, which originally surfaced in January, has re-appeared on Facebook, Twitter and internet forums as diverse as those of H&H and pop band Take That. It claims that 52 young thoroughbreds will be slaughtered if they are not swiftly "re-homed by ...
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Indian Banks Lost Rs 12.6 crores to Cyber Fraud in 2010
CIO India
... information security (including electronic banking channels like internet banking, ATMs, cards), IT operations; IT services outsourcing, Information System Audit, cyber frauds, business continuity planning, customer education and legal issues. ...
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Ferreting out fraud
Tahlequah Daily Press
But a ton of stuff gets offered over the Internet. “There's embezzlement and things like computer fraud; we need checks and balances as a back-up,” said Dry. “When I was Bar [Association] president in Latimer County, I got an offer for a handling fee ...
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Carl Kanowsky: Lawyers can be victims, too
Most of us have been targets of one type of Internet or email scam or another. Have you been notified by the Nigerian Embassy that it's holding onto $22 million that your long-lost Aunt Mildred left you? Or maybe you've received emails alerting you ...
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Prevention the only cure in scam problem, officials say
The News Herald
Vecker also urged attendees not to purchase any item over the Internet from a seller they do not know. He told of a man sending money away for a laptop, but when the package arrived, it contained a Montreal phone book. However, not all the frauds are ...
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Internet Product Reviews And Scams ...
By internetmarketingproductreviews
Internet Product Reviews And Scams (internetmarketingproductreviews)'s status on Thursday, 18-Aug-11 20:34:45 UTC. Internet Product Reviews And Scams internetmarketingproductreviews. new group - ... public timeline

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I got scammed on the internet, what can I do? - Yahoo! Answers
I made a trade with another user on a forum i go on, the person said they ... Please tell me you paid with a credit card? If you did, and you should ONLY pay ...
Internet Scams « Craig & Joe's Blog
Unfortunately, the internet is a breading ground for criminals and they place themselves into this huge marketplace and scam thousands of people every day. ...
Avoiding Internet scams
There are ways to make sure you stay away from the work at home scams and there are even some sites on the Internet to help you find out what is a real work ...

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Texting scam targets debit, credit cards
Berkshire Eagle
The credit union, he said, has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past few years to combat these scams. Anyone who may have given out their personal information in response to this text or a similar one is urged to call their financial ...
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Beware of tax scams: commissioner
Coolum & North Shore News
Anyone can be the target of a scam, and sometimes scams are so sophisticated and authentic in appearance that even the most alert can be caught out,” Mr D'Ascenzo said. “Scammers can use a range of methods including phone calls, letters, text messages, ...
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Facebook issues Guide to Security
Facebook also warned users to look out for the perennially pesky 'who's been looking at your profile' scam. “This enticing scam tries to trick you into pasting text into your browser address bar,” Facebook explained. “The 'unique code' shown above is ...
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Editorial: AT&T's Text Scam Goes Too Far, Demands Opposition ...
By Jeremy Horwitz
iLounge article about Editorial: AT&T's Text Scam Goes Too Far, Demands Opposition. Find more Editorials articles from leading independent iPod, iPhone, and iPad site.
iLounge | All Things iPod, iPhone,...

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Child predators on the Internet - RationalWiki
MSNBC's Dateline ran a program where they had several "children" (FBI agents) lure internet predators to their house, where they then captured them. ...
Internet Safety Tips | Dark Psychology
His areas of expertise include criminal psychology, internet predators, forensic psychology, health/fitness, and psychiatric/psychological issues. ...
6.30 - Internet predators - YouTube
The Aussie detective tasked with taking on some of the world's lowest criminals. See more at
UPDATED: Rep. Garlick Working with Norfolk County DA Against ...
Garlick Working with Norfolk County DA Against Internet Predators. August 17, 2011. Editor's Note: Article updated Wednesday, Aug. ...

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