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Scams News for 9/30/11

News2 new results for text scams
Computer tech scammer targets Merritt residents
From emails to phone calls and even text messages, fraudsters will try anything to ... However, phone calls are not the only scams plaguing Merrittonians. ...
Fight cyber crime with cyber smarts
Las Vegas Review-Journal
For example, USAA has a two-way, instant text system that will allow you to confirm ... Most people get scammed by offering too much personal information. ...

News8 new results for internet scams
Winsett: Avoid Internet scams on online job searches
Chattanooga Times Free Press
By Jim Winsett Q: My friend was recently scammed looking for a job on the Web. Does the BBB have advice on how to avoid job hunting fraud and phony job postings on the Internet? A: As much as the Internet has made searching for jobs easier, ...
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KCTV 5Check your phone bill for unknown area code scams
KCTV Kansas City
Elaine: What you are talking about is one of the most recent scams to hit the Internet. Unscrupulous businesses list contests or other "free" offers that require you to call and listen to a recorded message. They make their money by having you call a ...
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Study: Online dating fraud hits 200000 Brits
Using a formula that took into account all Internet users in Britain over the age of 18 and the total population, Whitty's team concluded that more than 200000 people were victims of online dating scams. "The thing that's very unique about this scam is ...
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Vaud police warn of Internet housing rental scams
GenevaLunch (blog)
LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Police in canton Vaud are warning would-be renters to be wary of scams via Internet ads for housing. The fraudulent ads take a variety of forms, with several of them originating in Africa. Some are legitimate sites that have ...
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GenevaLunch (blog)
Scam may not be as prevalent as national fraud bureau reports
Cran said the scam is nothing new nor does the association get anywhere near the number of reports to make up 80 per cent of the complaints. Email scams from people claiming to work for a major bank and the grandparents scam are far more common, ...
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Fraud investigation launched regarding suspected internet scam
Amherstburg Echo
However, the complainant did not send back any money, suspecting it was a scam. Amherstburg police are warning citizens when purchasing or selling items on the internet that there are scams out there to try and defraud the user of money. ...
See all stories on this topic » Warns Perspective Parents Seeking Adoption To Be ... (press release)
The Internet has enabled scammers to prey on a couples' challenging situation - to forgo having a child of their own and adopt from a stranger- for their own gain. Adoption scams take three forms. Sometimes the “birth parent” is not actually pregnant. ...
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Europe to clamp down on online ticket scams
People are using the Internet more and more to check their entertainment options and to compare prices and offers, they must be able to do so without falling victim to scams," said Consumer Commissioner John Dalli. In 2009, 35 percent of EU consumers ...
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Web2 new results for internet scams
Bogus legal company closed down by fraud investigators - Internet ...
Bogus legal company closed down by fraud investigators News.
african internet dating scams - YouTube
african internet dating scams Find The best hookups at your area from largest Free site Online. See more at Link in Video and Join Free ...

News3 new results for "internet predators"
Saugus elementary students warned about online dangers
Daily Item
“Everything that comes with the Internet, predators, cyber-bullying, the whole nine yards … it's teaching the kids to be aware. ...
Seaman Clipper: Five dangers to be aware of when posting on Facebook
... but all users need to always be aware of five dangers when posting and updating, none of which have anything to do with internet predators. ...
PC Pandora Monitoring Software Helps Parents Keep Kids Safe Online
PR Web
“From Internet predators and stranger danger to cyberbullying and sexting, the dangers are many. Young children will often underestimate the damage they can ...

Web1 new result for "internet predators"
Know How To Safeguard Your Daughter From Internet Predators ...
I did not think that my daughter would overcome her introversion in elementary school until the internet came along. She was not uncomfortable with voicing out ...

Another Internet Scam: From National Lottery Board


Contact Mr.Mark McAllister ,For the sum of £800,000.00.GBP your email won in the last quarter of the UK NATIONAL Lottery Promo Award 2011.
Claims Requirements:
1.Full Name:
2.Residential Address:
5.Mobil Tel:
7.Country Of Residence:
9.Amount Won:
10.Alternative Email :

Congratulations on behalf of British Government Financial Department.


Scams News for 9/29/11

News2 new results for "internet predators"
Sheriff's Office launches free program to protect kids online
Blue Springs Examiner
The program is designed to help parents monitor what their children are doing online in an effort to fight against Internet predators. ...
How to spy on your kids online
CBS News
If you're not monitoring at all, isn't it a good idea that you start with all the talks of cyberbullying and Internet predators? We're not saying that you ...

News9 new results for internet scams
Drug scams a billion-dollar industry for Russian gangs
National Post (blog)
By Tim Castle LONDON — Russian gangs and their Chinese associates are making billions of dollars from selling fake and unlicensed medicines over the Internet, putting thousands of people at risk, British police and medical regulators said on Thursday. ...
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Beware Facebook Scammers Looking to Steal Your Money
Christian Post
By Katherine Weber | Christian Post Contributor An increasing number of people are falling victim to internet scams targeting unsuspecting Facebook users. Edythe Schumacher is one of many who have fallen victim to such scams. Schumacher, of Woodsfield ...
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Schneiderman: Scammers ripped off north country residents via classified ad
Ms. Nelson said that the Internet age presents new challenges for consumers and new opportunities for scammers. “Even 10 years ago, technology wouldn't have made it as possible or as easy to reach out to Watertown, New York, and place an ad like this,” ...
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Online Job Scams Target The Unemployed
Here And Now
The Better Business Bureau recently warned that they have received 15000 complaints about possible job scams on the Internet this year. Fake companies are targeting the unemployed, and often ask for financial or personal information that hackers can ...
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Buying a used car? Don't get taken for a ride
The site offers what sounds like a “no-risk” way to purchase a car over the Internet without ever seeing it. You make a down payment by wire (the method of payment preferred by scammers) and have the car shipped to you. If you don't like it or don't ...
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Top 5 Travel Scams to Know Before You Book
Fox News
Discount Travel Clubs: If you are someone looking for a good deal on a travel package, you may be this scammers number one target. Since 2009, there have been more than 4200 complaints to the BBB about travel clubs. These Internet ads ask you to pay an ...
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Fox News
ECHO: Anonymous poses new Internet threat
One might be able to recall the common scams of the early Internet. You could have received an email stating that a Nigerian prince had fallen into desperate times and needed a safe place to transfer all of his money and only asked you for your bank ...
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Online Job Scams Target The Unemployed
Here And Now
The Better Business Bureau recently warned job seekers that they had received 15000 complaints about possible job scams on the Internet. Fake companies target the unemployed, and often ask for financial or personal information that they can use to hack ...
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Beware of Sophisticated Online Investment Scams: Crime Commission
International Business Times AU
“Perpetrators of these fraudulent scams are skilled at using high-pressure sales tactics, both over the phone and via email, to persuade their victims to part with their money,” Ms Gibson said. Based on initial indications, more than 2400 Australians ...
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Web2 new results for internet scams
INTERNET SCAMS EXPOSED: Another Internet Scam: From Mrs ...
SCAM WATCH: Internet & SMS Scams - Phishing - Email Fraud ... Email: with a description of how the scam worked (i.e, what happened ...
More warnings about 'BTA' used by Romance Scammers. - Page 2 ...
More warnings about 'BTA' used by Romance Scammers. Guest Posting Area.

News1 new result for text scams
UK regulator says apps expose consumers to premium rate scams
PhonepayPlus said that it identified one mobile app, claiming to improve battery life, containing malware that accessed the phone's text message function ...

News1 new result for SMS scams
Phishing time again
Trends have indicated that phishing fraud tends to pick up towards the end of ... “Phishing is done via SMS, email or telephone and aims to get hold of your ...

Another Internet Scam: From Yahoo! Member Service


Dear Member,

Our record indicates that your account is not active in our data base, please ensure to update your e-mail immediately by clicking the reply button and complete the form below. Failure to update your account will result in suspending your account permanently in approximately 90 days after this notice.

Enter information below:

User name:
Territory/ Country:

We're currently working on securing our mail server and this back up is necessary for update and to avoid blocking of your account.

Yahoo! Member Service

Another Internet Scam: From the PRIME MINISTER'S OFFICE


Our ref: ATM/13470/IDR
Your ref:...Date: 29/09/2011


I am The Rt Hon David Cameron MP,Prime Minister, First Lord of the Treasury and Minister for the Civil Service British Government. This letter is to officially inform you that (ATM Card Number 7302 7168 0041 0640) has been accredited with your favor. Your Personal Identification Number is 1090.

The VISA Card Value is £2,000,000.00(Two Million, Great British Pounds Sterling).
This office will send to you an ATM/VISA CARD that you will use to withdraw your funds in any ATM MACHINE CENTER or Visa card outlet in the world with a maximum of £5000 GBP daily.

Further more,You will be required to re-confirm the following information to enable;The Rt Hon William Hague MP First Secretary of State for British Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
Begin in processing of your VISA/ATM CARD to you in your country.

(1)Full names:
(8)Post Codes:

Rt Hon William Hague MP.
First Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

TAKE NOTE: That you are warned to stop further communications with any other person(s) or office(s) different from the staff of the State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs to avoid hitches in receiving your payment.

The Rt Hon David Cameron MP
Prime Minister


Another Internet Scam: From Mr William Leung Cheung

I am Mr William Leung Cheung Managing Director Hang Seng Bank Hong. I have a confidential business proposal worth $22.4million dollars for you to handle with me from my country to your country. 

You need to know that this proposal is high capital intensive and must be a working class before i can transact with you the full details and authenticity of the proposal. Only if you are interested should you email me so i can furnish you with the details and process of this proposal. My private Email:

Scams News for 9/28/11

News9 new results for internet scams
200000 fall victim to internet romance scams in UK
... committed suicide after being exploited, relentlessly, by these criminals. "It is crucial that nobody sends money to someone they meet online, and haven't got to know well and in person." 200000 fall victim to internet romance scams in UK.
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'I thought it was my sister': Woman loses $2000 to Facebook scam
But impersonating a sibling in a real-time online conversation represents a crime that's bold even for Internet scam artists. "Scammers are getting more and more sophisticated as the technology ramps up, so people have to really be on guard," said Lisa ...
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Cold call fraud warning
AUSTRALIANS are being targeted by sophisticated organised internet crime scams which have already seen thousands lose more than $93 million. Issuing a nationwide warning today, the Australian Crime Commission said a multi-agency task force had been ...
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Microsoft Kills Off a Botnet by Striking a Domain Provider
By Robert McMillan, IDG News Microsoft opened a front in its ongoing battle against Internet scammers, using the power of a US court to deal a knockout blow to an emerging botnet and taking offline a provider of free Internet domains. ...
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How Two Scammers Built an Empire Hawking Sketchy Software
Wired News
... and Daniel Sundin, 33, were just a couple of garden-variety Internet hustlers. The two, who met around 2001, started out with a series of relatively modest scams and come-ons. Capitalizing on post-9/11 paranoia, Jain sold anti-anthrax gas masks. ...
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Wired News
Australia Extradites Gold Coast Fraudster to New Zealand
International Business Times AU
Mr Hays disclosed that some fraud victims, particularly email scams, continue being victimized because they still send money to fraudsters even if police had warned them about the scam. To battle frauds, which are prevalent on the Internet, ...
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International Business Times AU
E-scammers are at large.....
ABC Online (blog)
His story illustrated just how easy it is to become caught up in sophisticated scams conducted over the phone or internet. Detective Superintendent Jim Jefferey, Head, Commercial Electoronic Crime Branch, SA Police also joine dus to explain what we can ...
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Click safe
Avoid it: Reduce the risk by constantly updating your Internet browsers since they come up with updates to block risky links thrown in by scammers. In Firefox, you can install the NoScript add-on ( which blocks all scripts, ...
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Despite warnings, we're still falling for scams
“Offering someone you don't know remote access to your computer over the Internet is like giving them the keys to your house. Once access is gained, a virus or (spying) software can be placed on your computer to monitor what you're doing or to access ...
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Web2 new results for internet scams
Computers and Internet Scams |
Current computer and internet scams. ... You Are Here. Home > Consumer Protection > Scams and Fraud > Computers and Internet Scams ...
Internet Romance Scams
THE ROMANCE SCAM. Internet dating can be a murky world, encouraging Romance Scammers to prey on lonely and vulnerable women. They commit heinous ...

News2 new results for text scams
Online dating scams 'organised crime'
BBC News
Colin Woodcock, senior manager for fraud prevention at the Serious Organised ... Get in touch with Today via email , Twitter or Facebook or text us on 84844.
Skype Exploited for Disseminating Fake Anti-Virus: Sophos
SPAMfighter News
Moreover, according to it (Sophos), the voice that reads out the text of the ... who didn't know about fake anti-virus or scareware scams, could as well get ...

News1 new result for SMS scams
India's Answer to SMS Spam: Limit Daily Text Messages to 100 per User
Mobile Marketing Watch
SMS spam has become a major problem in India, which has become the world's ... with spam associated with things like credit cards and weight loss scams. ...

Another Internet Scam: "GET 10 UNITS APPLE iPHONE4/32GB FOR $3500USD"



All in Factory Sealed Boxes complete Accessories and 1 year Manufacturer's Warranty,
Also Guaranteed to work with all GSM Carrier/Network Worldwide.

APPLE iPHONE4/32GB = $350

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Order 10 Units APPLE iPHONE4/32GB @$350 = $3500
Get 2 FREE APPLE iPAD2 64GB/3G/wifi




(Reg No. 06163279)


Scams News for 9/27/11

News7 new results for internet scams
Internet/phone scam new to Sarasota County
In fact, just recently in Sarasota County, a new type of internet scam has been detected by the Sheriff's office. "We received information from another county that they have seen several reports of this type of scam," said Wendy Rose, Community Affairs ...
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The New York Irish Emgirant
Q: I filed an application with US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) using a service provider on the internet which helped me fill out the necessary forms and had me send them an electronic check in the amount of the application fee. ...
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5 Scams To Watch Out For When Buying A Car
The Consumerist
By Chris Morran on September 26, 2011 4:15 PM 0 views While the internet has provided new levels of transparency to savvy car shoppers, it has also given scammers a wider audience on which to ply their nefarious trade. So it helps to educate yourself ...
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The Consumerist
Latest 'secret shopper' Web fraud entices with promise of only $250
Norwalk Reflector
She's embarrassed she became ensnared by one of the myriad tentacles of Internet fraud. "We see so many different variations of scams," said Harry Trombitas, special agent with the FBI's Columbus field office. So much, Trombitas said, that local agents ...
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Senior Scams is the Focus as Minnesota's Fraud Fighters Gather Today
Public News Service
"And I think that now that we've been more accustomed to seeing so many scams on email, people are generally more leery, but if it's someone older who's just now getting on the Internet, sometimes it can be very confusing to figure out what's real, ...
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Internet Security Threats Posed By Recent Facebook Changes
Authority Empire
The new interface of Facebook could be more prone to cyber crimes and internet security threats. The users are exposed to targeted spamming, internet scams and bot infestations said one of the internet security software developer. ...
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Sweepstakes scams spark BBB warning
The letter, fax or email is full of grammatical and spelling errors. While telemarketing is still a popular option for many businesses, there is a difference between lawful communication and telemarketing fraud. Criminals will pose as telemarketers in ...
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Web1 new result for internet scams
Fraud / Financial crime / Crime areas / Internet / Home - INTERPOL
Interpol official site - International Criminal Police Organization - ICPO - Rapid access to official, controlled information.


Scams News for 9/26/11

News2 new results for internet scams
Deter, protect, defend your identity
Pacific Daily News
Vuong Duong/For Pacific Daily News The FBI's Internet Fraud Complaint Center has seen a steady increase in complaints that involve some form of unsolicited email directing consumers to a phony "Customer Service" type of website. ...
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More seniors using web
Monterey County Herald
According to the FBI, scam artists use online schemes to defraud millions of people around the world each year. Common types of cyber fraud include Internet auction fraud, credit card and investment fraud, and the commonly known Nigerian letter, ...
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Web2 new results for internet scams
How do you send a scam email (with "full headers") that supposedly ...
How do you send a scam email (with "full headers") that supposedly was sent from a gmail address to Gmail??
Be Smart Online | OnGuard Online
The internet makes many everyday tasks faster and more convenient, like shopping, researching ... Signs that an online investment opportunity might be a scam ...

News1 new result for text scams
ATO Alerts Citizens to Tax-Themed Fake E-Mails
SPAMfighter News
The text of the fraud electronic mails states that the ATO in conjunction with Australian Business Register wishes for notifying the recipient that from 1st ...

Another Internet Scam: From Sabina Velon

From: Sabina Velon
Sent: Monday, 26 September 2011, 10:57
Subject: From Sabina

How are you over there in your country,i believe you are doing well and that the atmosphere over there in your country is very nice today? Mine is a little bit warm over here in Dakar Senegal. My name is Sabina V.Ndadaye,  i am a young girl of (24yrs.) but age doesn't matter in a real relationship,so i am comfortable with your age,I am from Rwanda in Central Africa.  I am 5.6ft tall, fair in complexion single,(never married ) and presently i am residing here in Dakar Senegal as a result of the civil war that was fought in my country some years ago.
My late father Dr Ndadaye Henry Kagame was a politician and the managing director of a Gold & Mine industries in Kigali(the capital of Rwanda) before the rebels attacked our house one early morning and killed my mother and my father in cold blood.
It was only me that is alive now and I managed to make my way to a nearby country Senegal where i am leaving now as a refugee under a Reverend father's care and i am using his computer to send this message to you. So please I would like to know more about you.
I will like to know more of your likes and dislikes. I will tell you more about myself in my next mail. Attached here is my picture. I will send you more in my next mail and i well like to see your pictures. Hoping to hear from you soonest.
Yours in Love ,