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Another Internet Scam: From Mr Issouf Usman

My Dear Risa Padilla Escano,

How are you doing all this while! Hope fine? I want to inform you that
I left a cheque of $300,000.00 Thousand Dollars for you through a
secretary of mine, if I may ask, have he contacted you? Please I don't
want you to feel bad of having any bad feelings in your mind
concerning me but I did what I did just to have my way and to enable
me make a good and better home for my family and for my self. Listen,
I have final succeeded in our transaction, I contacted another new
person from London whom came on your behalf as to assist me get this
fund from the bank and with his fully support we both try as much as
we could as to make this transaction happen.

Now contact my secretary, his name is Ahmed Abdul and his

secretary email:(

I am now in London doing my personal things with this friend of mine,
we both are into one investment here in London but I did not left you
behind since we both started this transaction from the beginning, we
decided to keep the sum of $300,000.00 Thousand Dollars for you
through a cheque bearing your name and instructed by personal
secretary to release it to you once he get across to you. Please
kindly notify me if he have contacted you concerning to this cheque,
if not you should go ahead and contact him and let him know that you
are directed to contact by Mr.ISSOUF USMAN. And arrange with him on
how the cheque will be sent to you urgently.

Now contact my secretary, his name is Ahmed Abdul and his secretary
email:( ask him to send you the
total $300,000.00 Thousand Dollars which I kept for your compensation
for all the Past efforts and attempts to assist me in this matter. I
appreciated Your efforts at that time very much. So feel free and get
in touched With my secretary Mr Ahmed Abdul and instruct him to
deliver the cheque to you immediately in your country.

Notify me once you receive the cheque from him ok.

Mr Issouf Usman.

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