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Another Internet Scam: From Mrs Maria Windfall, Funds Investigator - United Nations

Dear _____,

I acknowledge your response to my email. am also happy that you are a very intelligent person to know that internet scammers and impostors have been using such to extort money from people illegally.

I must also make known to you that those people contacting you in the past are corrupt officials of the "then" paying bank. which is the central bank of Nigeria. they have seen it approved list of beneficiaries where your name appeared as the NEXT OF KIN to the Late Engr Hinson that died in a drastic car accident three years ago. Late Engr Hinson happens to be a known contractor in Africa Nigeria.

This man executed many contracts for the government which he is yet to be paid until his death. i have his DEATH CERTIFICATE here on my desk. from all indications,  you share same second name with the Late Engr, so you are his next of kin as included in his will statement. The payment of the $2.5 million united states dollars will be paid to you because you have the full capacity to receive this funds.

NB: you must keep all our communications very safe and confidential until your funds gets to you. i will guide you all through this process because it is my job to do so. if i can have your maximum cooperation and swift response, i guarantee the release of your funds within 48 hours.

The new paying bank is HSBC LONDON. the high rate of scam going on in Africa Nigeria has made the government to affiliate the HSBC BANK, LONDON to make payment on behalf of the Nigerian government. Below is the contact information of the head remittance officer at the HSBC LONDON.

Mr Rolland Clark

Contact him immediately and apply for your transfer. you can also confirm my identity by contacting the united states ambassador to Nigeria. Mr Terence Patrick on

Remember to update this office until your transfer is completed.


Mrs Maria Windfall
Funds Investigator
United Nations

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