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Another Internet Scam: From Mrs. Mellisa Lewis


My name is Mrs. Mellisa Lewis, I am 59 years old and I was diagnosed for
bowel cancer for about 2 years ago. I have being lying critically ill at
the hospital since March 11th, 2010. I decided to WILL/donate the sum of

I know for sure you will be surprised if such things still happens,believe
me the doctor says my chance of survival is based on 70/30. I am not in
the position disburse these funds myself as a result of my health. I
decided to will it to you so you can help me disburse the funds to some
charity organization in your country.Am helping you, so you can develop
the time to disburse these funds on my behalf.

Arrangements have been made with my attorney on how these funds should be
transferred to your account from my bank in London.The necessary documents
have been signed and ascertained. I am in an Intensive ward where I do not
have access to receive calls as a result of my health condition.

I have no family but relatives who has embezzled my hard earned money
years ago; I really don’t think they would have pity on me despite my
condition by fulfilling my wish to help the charity with these funds.

You are to work with my attorney who will assist in these funds transfer
to your account. I paid for the State tax on the day of deposit with the
Bank. Contact my lawyer with this info: J. Mchenry & Associates, Name: Mr.
Jay Mchenry.

If you find this mail appealing, kindly contact my attorney by quoting
this reference number to him (LLP/953/900//316US/UK).I write this mail to
you solemnly with the faith that you will assist me in my last wish.

Meanwhile you are advised to keep this mail and it contents confidential
as i really want my wish accomplish at the end of the day without any of
my relatives knowing about these funds, Please do remember me in your
prayers as I give you the assurance that this is legal.
Contact Lawyer via(Email:jmchenry37@LIVE.COM)

Yours Truly,
Mrs. Mellisa Lewis.

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