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Scams News for 9/20/11

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Edinburgh Man Receives Hitman Fraud E-Mail
SPAMfighter News
Meanwhile a spokesman representing Action Fraud that the National Fraud Authority runs to assist coordinate the war on Internet scams within UK stated that the latest fraudulent e-mail tried causing an extreme fear as also it carried an intimidation of ...
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Craigslist Apartment Scams Target Renters Seeking Deals
"One of the things that was concerning was that this scam was quite professional," Cobb said. "It was not full of bad grammar and typos you'd see in a phishing email or spam." As Cobb said, some email scams can be easy to detect out based on their ...
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Park entrepreneur's assets frozen
Sherwood Park News
By Ben Proulx News Staff Strathcona County resident Jesse Willms has been the topic of much legal debate over the past year, amassing more than $450 million in alleged Internet scams. For the time being, however, Willms won't have the opportunity to ...
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Scam alert: Applying for jobs online
But scam artists are cashing in on the system, creating sophisticated schemes that promise potential mystery shoppers big money. "The internet, of course, has set up all sorts of unscrupulous stuff and is preying on – especially when the economy is bad ...
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AVG Business Edition 2012 Unveiled
MarketWatch (press release)
AVG is a global security software maker protecting 98 million active users in 170 countries from the ever-growing incidence of Web threats, viruses, spam, cyber-scams and hackers on the Internet. AVG has nearly two decades of experience in combating ...
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Missing Dot in Email Address Mistake - Scam Alert - AARP Bulletin
Newly uncovered scheme targets the all-important dot in corporate communications systems. Drop it in an address and your email could be on its way to ...
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Computer Guy Internet Scams
1 min
Do you know how to spot a fake website or suspicious link? Jamey Mellis explains the telltale signs of a phishing scam.

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State officials warn of faked Wells Fargo texts and telephone calls
The Register-Guard
“This is one of the most widespread scams we've seen in 20 years,” said Green, adding that his own phone was targeted in the scheme. The people responsible for the scam have “got an incredible list of phone numbers,” he said. ...
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Cashflow Records distances itself from scam allegations
One young artiste who was a victim of the scam, Israelyte explained that he received a text from someone posing to be Cashflow Neil. “A mi DJ Neil and I want you on I-Octane islandwide tour. We are requesting new artistes and you should come to ...
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Don't fall for fraudsters' cellphone tricks
Independent Online
By Botho Molosankwe If you receive an SMS declaring that you have won money in some ... While some people fall for these scams because they are desperate or ...

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State Attorney General to Reveal Cyber Bullying Initiative
... launch of the "Michigan CSI Internet Safety Program" at Pattengill Middle School. ... to providing important safety tips about avoiding internet predators.