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Scams News for 9/28/11

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200000 fall victim to internet romance scams in UK
... committed suicide after being exploited, relentlessly, by these criminals. "It is crucial that nobody sends money to someone they meet online, and haven't got to know well and in person." 200000 fall victim to internet romance scams in UK.
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'I thought it was my sister': Woman loses $2000 to Facebook scam
But impersonating a sibling in a real-time online conversation represents a crime that's bold even for Internet scam artists. "Scammers are getting more and more sophisticated as the technology ramps up, so people have to really be on guard," said Lisa ...
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Cold call fraud warning
AUSTRALIANS are being targeted by sophisticated organised internet crime scams which have already seen thousands lose more than $93 million. Issuing a nationwide warning today, the Australian Crime Commission said a multi-agency task force had been ...
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Microsoft Kills Off a Botnet by Striking a Domain Provider
By Robert McMillan, IDG News Microsoft opened a front in its ongoing battle against Internet scammers, using the power of a US court to deal a knockout blow to an emerging botnet and taking offline a provider of free Internet domains. ...
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How Two Scammers Built an Empire Hawking Sketchy Software
Wired News
... and Daniel Sundin, 33, were just a couple of garden-variety Internet hustlers. The two, who met around 2001, started out with a series of relatively modest scams and come-ons. Capitalizing on post-9/11 paranoia, Jain sold anti-anthrax gas masks. ...
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Wired News
Australia Extradites Gold Coast Fraudster to New Zealand
International Business Times AU
Mr Hays disclosed that some fraud victims, particularly email scams, continue being victimized because they still send money to fraudsters even if police had warned them about the scam. To battle frauds, which are prevalent on the Internet, ...
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International Business Times AU
E-scammers are at large.....
ABC Online (blog)
His story illustrated just how easy it is to become caught up in sophisticated scams conducted over the phone or internet. Detective Superintendent Jim Jefferey, Head, Commercial Electoronic Crime Branch, SA Police also joine dus to explain what we can ...
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Click safe
Avoid it: Reduce the risk by constantly updating your Internet browsers since they come up with updates to block risky links thrown in by scammers. In Firefox, you can install the NoScript add-on ( which blocks all scripts, ...
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Despite warnings, we're still falling for scams
“Offering someone you don't know remote access to your computer over the Internet is like giving them the keys to your house. Once access is gained, a virus or (spying) software can be placed on your computer to monitor what you're doing or to access ...
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Computers and Internet Scams |
Current computer and internet scams. ... You Are Here. Home > Consumer Protection > Scams and Fraud > Computers and Internet Scams ...
Internet Romance Scams
THE ROMANCE SCAM. Internet dating can be a murky world, encouraging Romance Scammers to prey on lonely and vulnerable women. They commit heinous ...

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Online dating scams 'organised crime'
BBC News
Colin Woodcock, senior manager for fraud prevention at the Serious Organised ... Get in touch with Today via email , Twitter or Facebook or text us on 84844.
Skype Exploited for Disseminating Fake Anti-Virus: Sophos
SPAMfighter News
Moreover, according to it (Sophos), the voice that reads out the text of the ... who didn't know about fake anti-virus or scareware scams, could as well get ...

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India's Answer to SMS Spam: Limit Daily Text Messages to 100 per User
Mobile Marketing Watch
SMS spam has become a major problem in India, which has become the world's ... with spam associated with things like credit cards and weight loss scams. ...

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