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Another Internet Scam: From Mrs. Vanessa Khalid

Good day once again,

I must first express my profound appreciation and sheer delight over your ability to have swiftly responded to my e-mail and haven found it in your heart to give my humanitarian proposal a thoughtful response, my whole heart specially goes out to you for volunteering to take up this great humanitarian service by making your self available to be used as a help tool in the hands of our creator. As this really goes a long way to show you are indeed destined for this great humanitarian work of the Lord. I'm therefore urging you to be as sincere as possible in this dealing because I'll actually be counting on you to make use of the funds Judiciously by helping me reach out to the less privileged once. Just like I said in my previous e-mail, you shall soon be assuming the position of my next of kin in due course. My decision wasn't specifically influenced by the fact that I and my Late husband had a fruitless marriage but the fact that service to others is the rent we pay for our room here on earth. I've always believed in this expression which says "if you ever need a helping hand, you'll find one at the end of your arm ... As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands. One for helping yourself and the other for helping others". Remember to always use your head in handling yourself but use your heart when handling others. May the spirit of God guide and grant you the the much needed wisdom and courage to carry out this Act of Good Will, and my God will surely bless your sincere desire to pursue this noble humanitarian task for the benefit of mankind, for the true measure of a man is not what he does for himself but what he does for someone else because in helping others, we shall help ourselves, whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us.

Your human contribution in service will make an essential ingredient, It is only in the act of giving oneself to others that we truly live. Presently, I have informed my Lawyer about my final legal decision in WILLING the entire funds to you and he is aware and readily prepared to commence the legal process, he's going to work in close partnership with you in securing the Fund Release from the Bank in the United Kingdom where it's been kept in safe custody in Proper. My Lawyer will be making all necessary arrangement with the Bank on your behalf as the new beneficiary of the funds and also my Next of Kin, in order to have the funds transfered from the United Kingdom to your country of residence. It's quite important I inform you that all expenses attached to your documentations, paper work and attorney fee will be taken care of by me and he will render all required legal guidance and assistance. Hence, you shall not be required to make any financial commitment in this regard. Please try getting in touch with my family attorney Mr.Gregory Freeman, his Chamber is quite renowned for their expertise on cases related to Will and Inheritance. Do e-mail him immediately in order for him to commence with the required transfer modalities, his email address is:

Write him and make him understand I have WILLED 12,000,000 Million Pounds to you by quoting Mrs. Vanessa Khalid as your referral. As soon as you contact him with this details stated above, he should be able to recognize you and help in claiming this amount from my Bank. Be informed also that I have paid for him some money in advance to cover all necessary legal documentation and official paper work. Mean while you are advised to keep this mail and it contents all to your self alone because you are the Chosen One directed by my spirit. Please do keep praying to God for my speedy recovery. I really think there's absolutely no point you sending me a reply to this email because I will be unable to access my computer for your correspondence due to the fact that I will be going for a cancer surgical operation tonight but you are to send my Legal Solicitor an e-mail directly with his e-mail address which I have provided above.

Though I haven't met with you in person but the Spirit of God has asked me to go ahead and do this, I therefore trust and hope you act in absolute honesty, this should remain a little secret between you and I because you are the only Individual I have contacted for the pursuance of this noble course, for unto those whom much is given, much is expected. As for how I got your e-mail, it was gotten after a proper white page search via your area zip code with the help of the Lord leading me, I might not be 100% sure of your integrity and accountability but I thing I'm quite sure of is that the Holy Spirit hasn't directed me to the wrong person for this task. I'm therefore trusting God to put in heart the desire to want to pursue this noble course allowing selfless ends come first in priority because blessed are those who give without remembering and those who take without forgetting. Remember when a poor person dies of hunger, it has not happened because God did not take care of him or her, it has happened because neither you nor I wanted to give that person what he or she needed, I do once again implore you to ensure the fund is used to improve the lives of the less-privileged, widows, orphans, destitute and indigent persons in the society and giving it all you've got because you never know if there's going to be a next time.

May Almighty God Richly Bless You...

Kindest Regards,

Mrs. Vanessa Khalid.

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