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Scams News for 10/13/11

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Myrtle Beach police investigate three internet scam incidents
The Myrtle Beach Police Department investigate three email fraud/scam incidents which could cause those who fall victim hundreds of dollars. Capt. Dave Knipes, the department's public information officer, said the victims respond to either an ad or ...
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newInternet apartment scams hit Yellowknife
Beginning of Story Content A new rash of internet scams have come to Yellowknife, NWT and fraudsters are posting advertisements for apartments on Craigslist that don't exist. The tactics internet scammers are using seem to be changing. ...
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Minnesotans targeted by overseas phone scams
"And with the use of Voice Over Internet Protocol(VOIP), they can use it very cheaply and actually use telephone numbers in our area code or just have it show up that way," said Arlt. Commonly, the scammers request a payment of the fees and taxes on ...
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Steve Jobs In Memory Scams Circulating Social Networks
Fake contest text highlighted neon-green claims you could "Win 1 of 15 MacBook Pros in Memory of Steve Jobs" if you submit your email. Internet security company Sophos explained there's nothing very new about these sorts of scams. ...
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Renters beware - scams surrounding homes increase
But there isn't much police can do with overseas scammers. VanderWoude has noticed an increase in rental scams around West Michigan since late 2010. He chalks it up to a struggling economy and a growing interest in using the Internet for property ...
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NY Used Cars Scams: How to Recognize and Avoid Them
dBusinessNews New York (press release)
“The only problem with trying to buy a used car from a private seller, especially over the Internet, is the possibility of being scammed out of hard earned money. We want our shoppers to know that we offer promotions and competitive prices, ...
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Medicare scam active in area
Our Colorado News
The callers have the names and addresses of the people they call, which are easy to obtain on the Internet. In the latest instance, the caller had the routing number of the senior's bank. What they did not have was the actual account number, ...
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Yost Flies To Nigeria With Check In Hand Greensboro
I know he's the county attorney, so he would never be involved in an internet scam – but, to be honest, it sure sounded like a scam to me. "There are plenty of scams on the internet claiming you can make $50000 a month," the email said, ...
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Warning over dangerous new viruses that look 'identical' to online banking pages
This is Money
By Dan Hyde Criminals are using sneaky new viruses that imitate internet banking pages to trick customers into leaking sensitive details, security experts warn. A dangerous hacker scam busted in Spain is one of a nasty new breed of viruses set to ...
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This is Money
PM presiding over “most corrupt” govt: Advani
Listing a series of alleged scams during the rule of Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, Advani said “however the cash-for-votes scam is the most terrifying of all”. Targeting Singh, Advani said when he had assumed prime ministership, ...
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How to Protect Yourself from Internet Scams - Topix
How to Protect Yourself from Internet Scams. Full story: You have got the latest anti-virus program installed on your PC. You have a spam filter ...
Scams and fraud flourish on the Internet | | Missoula ...
BILLINGS- From Yellow Page scams to bogus payday loans, those who track the latest frauds making the rounds on the Internet are keeping busy trying to alert ...
AT&T Phishing Scam
The email is not from AT&T. In fact, the email is a phishing scam designed to trick AT&T users into sending their account login details to cybercriminals. ...

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Deputies warn against smishing scams
"Yeah, text message, but luckily I was smart enough not to fall for it. But I almost did," he said. The Fort Myers resident had only been here two months when scammers tried to get him to fall for a text messaging scam. He had to change his phone ...
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Beware of texting scams
If you got a text message from someone claiming to be from Wells Fargo on Wednesday police say beware. It may be a scam. Lt. Bob Hansen with Medford Police says they got a flood of calls about a scam to get cell phone users bank account information. ...
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Police warn of scam to steal financial information
Ashland Daily Tidings
... automated or live person, or text message that asks for personal financial information. Banks normally have all of this information and will never ask for it this manner. As with most telephone or texting scams, there is always a sense of urgency; ...
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News3 new results for SMS scams
Vendors hone in on mobile app security
One of the scariest money-draining threats is premium SMS scams. Scammers can simply purchase an SMS platform, get access to corporate cell-phone numbers ...
Scammers Seeking New Ways to Grow Android Mobile Malware Profits ...
Premium rate number billing scams are increasingly becoming popular where users are tricked into calling or sending an SMS message to prime-rate numbers. ...
Lawyer Prashant Bhushan's attackers arrested in Delhi
Indian Express
... statements from Congress corrupt (25 Scams in 24 months) stalwarts who ... Apparently, the government folks were quite spooked with the way SMS was used ...

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Free Internet Monitoring Software For Parents
For parents worried about internet predators, want to know what their kids are viewing and chatting about online, the Harris County District Attorney's ...
DA's office launches two crime prevention initiatives
Houston Chronicle
... announced two initiatives to help residents keep a watchful eye on crime by looking out for Internet predators and tracking down criminals on the run. ...
Are you accountable?
Windsor Star
Laws prohibiting assisted suicide in North America and Great Britain have not been successfully applied to Internet predators. Melchert-Dinkel admitted to ...
Former assistant attorneys run for office
Seminole Chronicle
He also has put a focus on the investigation and prosecution of computer-related crimes including those dealing with Internet predators targeting children. ...

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