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Scams News for 10/26/11

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Internet Fraud, Quick-Change Scams Reported to Police
Arrests do not indicate a conviction By Ken Manson Two scams—Internet fraud and a quick-change scheme—were reported Oct. 19 to Burr Ridge Police. A resident questioned police about two checks he received as payment for items he was selling on eBay. ...
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SAS Steps up Fight against Fraud, Waste and Abuse across Industries
MarketWatch (press release)
"Traditional organized crime has been supplanted by nimble, tech-savvy, global networks perpetrating financial crimes and Internet scams of every description. Sophisticated fraud analytics are essential to hunt down these malignant social networks of ...
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Learn How to Avoid Scams at Norwalk Senior Center
An upcoming program at the Norwalk Senior Center will show seniors how to avoid phishing schemes and other scams. By Patrick Barnard Seniors are increasingly falling victim to Internet scams, as cyber criminals continue to exploit their lack of Web ...
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Email warns students about Internet scams
Daily Free Press (subscription)
Every day, students at Boston University fall prey to email scams that compromise their accounts, an Information Security official said in an email to students Tuesday. In light of Information Security Awareness Week, IT Executive Director Quinn ...
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Cuccinelli speaks at Nelson TRIAD event
Nelson County Times
The event also offered free blood pressure checks, health screening and information on internet and mail fraud scams generally targeted at senior citizens. The Nelson County TRIAD also honored Kitty Lyle, of Gladstone, who is a founding member of the ...
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MLM Facts and Secrets Revealed
Some MLM consultants are even ridiculed and branded as scams. About the positive note, don't assume all talks and knowledge about MLM as being a scam are true. There a lot of positive attributes regarding multi-level marketing. ...
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Wednesday Morning Reads: Medicare scams, pension problems and virtual education
Juice (blog)
The plan consolidates all gaming -- including dog and horse tracks, jai-alai frontons, poker rooms and Internet cafes -- now regulated by three different state agencies into one new "Department of Gaming Control." * The News Service of Florida has a ...
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Holmdel Detective Bureau Report From the Neighborhood Watch Meeting
Don't give any information to anyone requesting it via email. Internet scams and telephonic scams are on the rise. 12 Vehicle burglaries: Of the 12 vehicle burglaries only one involved a forced entry. In the other 11 cases the vehicles were left ...
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FAST| forward
The Cherokeean Herald
Cons, scams, grifts, hustles, swindles, film flams, gaffes and bamboozles. By any name, their goal is profit sharing – making your money theirs. Almost as soon as the Internet was born, scammers created the Nigerian drop with offers of millions of ...
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Internet love scams hit Singapore again!
Internet love scams hit Singapore again! By Shirley 25 October, 2011. Internet love cheats strike again. A Singapore woman almost fell for an internet love scam . ...
Stop Art Scams: Scam Email: Lynda James
Scammers use the Internet to find new victims. I fight back using the Internet to educate and help artists NOT become victims. ...
Westpac 'Quick Survey' Phishing Scam
Email purporting to be from Australia's Westpac Bank claims that the recipient can have ... Debunking email hoaxes and exposing Internet scams since 2003! ...
How do I report an internet scam? - Yahoo! Answers
I'm an artist living in the US and recently I've been receiving spam emails from ... Try ... You dont. You just dont deal with them. There are thousands of ...

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San Marcos student says indicted Tech student tried to scam him into posing ...
Barrows said he discovered Whitney's number was from a “text-free” app allowing users to create a number from which to send texts. During the photo shoot, Barrows said, “Every time I got a text message, it was (Taylor) texting right there in front of ...
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How to do cellphone text messaging scams? - Yahoo! Answers
I am with telus and want to know how I can set up …

Web1 new result for SMS scams
Regarding about the SMS Scam Contest complaints in Singapore ...
From: Kwang [ ] Sent: Sunday, October 23, 2011 2:31 PM To:

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Adams County, cities clash over jail costs
Denver Post
Because of demands to staff the jail, Darr had to close a program aimed at tracking Internet predators and take other officers off the street. ...
Father-of-two hoarded nearly 35000 vile child abuse images at ...
Ellesmere Port Pioneer
Mr Frost said: “There was also a book entitled Not My Child which contains advice to parents about protecting their children from internet predators. ...

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