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Scams News for 10/27/11

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Emails promise tax refund
Times Daily
By Tom Smith Officials with the Internal Revenue Service and the Better Business Bureau of North Alabama are warning residents of an income tax refund scam. The scams are on the Internet in the form of emails notifying individuals they are eligible to ...
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New Full Coverage Fraud Prevention Combination of Humans and Technology
PR Newswire (press release)
The Internet allows consumers to buy from anyone, anywhere. Of course, with that freedom there are limitations and risks involved. How can anyone possibly purchase a motorcycle, for example, from someone across the United States? ...
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Sheriff gives warning of automated scam in area
Brainerd Daily Dispatch
By Matt Erickson They've come in letters, emails, on the Internet and through personal phone calls from supposed relatives or financial institutions. Now automated messages can be added to the long list of scams being perpetrated on residents in the ...
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Naked Emma Watson 'Video' Hits Internet; Buyers Beware
Gather Celebs News Channel
The rumored naked Emma Watson video that's reportedly making the rounds on the Internet is just that--a rumor. Although altered or photoshopped photos and shadowy videos of naked celebrities behaving sexually are often used in Internet scams, ...
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Police Officer Caught Up In Online Housing Scam
MyFox Philadelphia
A new scam popping up on the internet is targeting people who are trying to sell their home – or rent one. It even happened to a police officer in the Fox Chase section of Northeast Philadelphia. Jennifer Leissner put her house up for sale and found ...
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Beware New Banking Scams
Check for padlocks or key icons at the bottoms of Internet browsers. Most secure Web addresses also use "https." Report suspicious activity to the Internet Crime Complaint Center, a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the ...
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Trend Micro Canada offers tips to prevent on line Halloween Scams (press release)
It's just a fact of life on the Internet that scam email volumes tend to spike around special occasions. Avoid email from unknown sources with subject lines like, "Free Halloween Decorations," or "Download Halloween eCards," unless you're certain they ...
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PC KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED E-MAIL AND INTERNET EXPERIENCE (MINIMAL) Avoid scams andfraud by acting with care! Beware any arrangement involving Western Union, Moneygram, wire transfer, or a landlord/owner who is out of the country or cannot meet you in ...
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Kansas AG offers warnings about scams
Hillsboro Star-Journal
The availability of personal information on the Internet gives scammers added authenticity when attempting this deception, Schmidt said. “They'll go out on Facebook, or MySpace, or LinkedIn, or one of the social networking sites, where a lot of folks, ...
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Patrons receive fraud advice
Spencer Daily Reporter
Technology is complicating fraud with "phishing" scams using spoof websites, individuals capitalizing on Internet auctions and Internet phone calls from around the world. Secure websites use the prefix "https" and a padlock logo. ...
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Internet Scams » Blog Archive » Even More Amazing Viewer ...
This week, it's more viewer-submitted Scam School ideas! Join Brian Brushwood, Tekzilla's Veronica Belmont and Brett Rounsaville as they continue to find out ...

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Tips for blocking costly unwanted texts
By Ken Conklin - email LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller offers advice to curb annoying, costly spam to your cell phone and warns that responding to unsolicited messages could make you vulnerable to scams. ...
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ABA Warns Consumers of Phishing Scams
According to reports, perpetrators are using automated dialers, text messages or emails to misinform consumers that their accounts have been closed due to fraud. Consumers are then prompted to enter in their card information, including expiration ...
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Is this a scam -- text message from - Yahoo! Answers
Is this a scam -- text message from I just got a text message from All was listed was the e-mail address of the sender and there ...

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Keep your kids safe online
There are hundreds of scams and threats lurking in the online world, and even some ... These “smishing” or SMS phishing, messages might sign you up for ...

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Dark Poppy's Demise
Fair Lady
The way she's written Jenna makes it easy for the reader to see how easy it is for young girls to fall prey to internet predators; even more so when there's ...

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