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Victim Describes Blackberry SMS Scam

My name is Weda, and I received a sms from Blackberry advising I have won money to the value of R295.000-00 with a reference number of m19. I have been dealing with Frank Kute and Margreat Fisher. I have realised now that it is a scam due to them requesting me to pay in use amounts of money for certain clearance charges … they have so far forwarded me copies of cheques etc supposedly proving that it is for real …they scammed me out of a total amount of 210.000-00 so far and now requesting me to pay r50.000-00 now. Their contact numbers are 0785757939 (margreat) and 0784350557(frank). It’s been an ongoing struggle with "Blackberry" for the past 2 months, I had my doubts …they kept on reassuring me that it is legit. I am at my wits end because I have lost a lot of money due to this.


Anonymous said...

I received an sms yesterday congratulating me on a prize of R250000.00 that I had won in a Blackberry UK promo, where they had randomly selected by number. I was expected to buy two Vodacom R55 pre- paid vouchers and then sms them the pin numbers, after which my "prize would be delivered in two days. Then I received two cell phone messages from insurance agents" instructing me to pay R1850.00 for insurance costs before I could collect my prize. They were from two different people, and quoted the Nokia Promo not the Blackberry Promo.

24 Hours later the " insurance agents" started harassing me with the one phone call after the other, demanding why I was not taking their calls and becoming quite aggressive.

This should be stopped by Vodacom, Nokia and Blackberry immediately, as it is injurious to their reputation.

Anonymous said...

I got an sms saying exactly this this morning:Congratulations!!Your Phone No.Has won R295,000 in Blackberry Promo.Your Ref: No:###.
For claims call mr.greg on sounds exactly like the scams these guys are talking about.I was not personally scammed,but knowing that criminals like these are operating is unacceptable.they should be stopped.

Anelle Booysen said...

Another one: R125,000 and BB handset ready for collection. 011-0796503 (Express Couriers) and then you have to phone another chick on 0829507199 (very rude). Asked her if this was a scam and she said: "maybe you should use another courier service"
Whahahahhaha. Sorry for the people falling for this, but please do your homework before falling for this rubbish! And yes, would be nice if network providers could break this evil cycle!