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Dear scam investigator,

I received an SMS from 49175101250 on 19th of November annoucing I had won 750,000.00 British pounds in BLACKBERRY CASH SPLASH PROMO with a reference number asking to claim email my name, age and country to

I sent the request on the same day, then got a reply within a few hours from requesting an identity number, full names, gender, DOB, marital status, occupation, annual income, contact address, nationality, ref number, mobile number, alternate mobile/phone number and the claims option of courier service or bank transfer.

As there was no request of account number I felt confident to sent the requested information.

After 5 days I received an email for undeliverable message due to network problem preventing delivery or possibility of a turned off computer or no mail system running right now.

At that stage, I tried to call the phone number 44 792 455 1506 from the 2nd email. I kept getting a message that the phone was out of range or switched off.

On the 26th I thought of forwarding the second email to On the 29th, I received a reply subject: verification completed (contact Heathrow courier for delivery insurance). The email was congratulating me for the 2nd prize of 750,000.00 British pounds with a validation number and a QLF number. It advissed that a cheque had been issued to my name and that the following items had been forwarded to their affiliate Diplomatic Courier company for delivery registration. The 4 items being: winning cheque, Blackberry Torch smartphone, winning certificate and prize authorization letter. It asked me to contact their affiliate Diplomatic courier Company for their delivery insurance requirements and how to pay charges. It also stated that delivery charges cannot be deducted from won prizes, that the promotion end 15th December 2011 and "Any cheque returned to this office as unclaimed by our affiliate Diplomatic Courier Company after the promotion deadline date will be cancelled".

I first made a phone call to 44 701 113 3277 and a Mr Frederick Gold answered and it was the name on the email for Heathrow Courier Services. He advised me to send the validation and QLF numbers by email to and I would be requested to send 550 British pounds for cost.

At this stage I researched the possibility of a scam.

Tonight only an hour ago (about 8.00pm in Victoria Australia) I receive a call on my mobile, I had difficulty hearing and passed it to my wife who told the person that it was a scam, not to call back and she hanged up.

I put as much detail as I could, I hope it is not too long and that something can be done to stop those criminals.


HIHI said...

Research In Motion UK Limited
200 Bath Road Slough Berkshire SL1 3XE

Dear Esteemed Claims Applicant,
We are pleased to inform you of the result of the Mobile Promotional Draws. All Mobile Number entered for this promotional draws were randomly inputted from all mobile telecommunication network resource database using the Synchronized Random Selection System (SRSS).

The payout of your cash prize 850,000.00 Pounds(EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND GREAT BRITISH POUNDS) to you will be subject to the final validations and satisfactory report that you are the authentic owner of the winning Mobile Number that received the SMS/TEXT Message.

In line with the statutory procedure governing the claims of won prizes, you are required to produce the particulars below via email or fax:
7. MOBILE NUMBER (Mobile number that received the sms):
10: CLAIM OPTIONS (Option A or B):


Option A:
Visit London: In line with the British Gaming Council statutory procedure to validate the final remittance of won prizes by hand, it is mandatory that you give us four (4) days notice before your departure to enable us make necessary arrangement for your accommodation and pickup at the airport.)

Option B:
Courier Delivery: If you are unable to travel to London considering distance or your job schedule, your won prize will be sent to you through our affiliate Diplomatic Courier Company to your address. Kindly send the below delivery details if you want to receive your prize through courier post.
Delivery Address and Contact Number

Any falsification of the above VERIFICATION REQUIREMENTS will render your claims null and void.
You must be of age to be eligible for claims.
Specify the CLAIMS OPTIONS convenient for the claim of your prize.
Information of your prize should be kept strictly confidential for security reasons.
Friends and relatives cannot claim prize on winners behalf. Any breach of the above terms and condition will lead to prize confiscation.

Thank you for being part of our commemorative Annual Anniversary Draws.

Yours Faithfully,

Claims Officer
Dr. Wesley Benjamin
Tel: +44-701-113-3385
Fax: +44-700 606 8620

©Copyright 2001-2012. BlackBerry. All rights reserved.

This communication is the property of BlackBerry mobile corporation and is intended for the use of the recipient to which it is addressed regarding his won promotional prize, and may contain confidential, personal, and or privileged information. Please contact us immediately if you are not the intended recipient of this communication, and do not copy, distribute, or take action relying on it. Any communication received in error, or subsequent reply, should be deleted or destroyed

M father also get message thru his phone n they ask to send dEtails to that email.. after i send to that email, they reply me refer to above.. is this also scam?? im from malaysia

Anonymous said...

I am from HK - i received a sms from a tel no +447923098346
"Your cell has won 2,000,000 pounds from Blackberry Cash Promo with ref No BB 139 email your details to for info."

these all sound like a scam - why would blackberry which is in financial trouble be giving away money like this!

Nelsondel said...

I just received only now this kind of email and same name Mr. wesley Bemjamin but i know its an old syle of scam, let them go to hell. But the Blacberry should do something about this coz they are destroying your company name you must put up an advertisement about this for the awareness of the people around the world...Thanks

helen said...

i have got a message that i have won 530000gbp in the blackberry promo september 2012 requesting me to send my code