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Another Scam: from Madam Amanda Jane

Name: Amanda Jane Bishop

I am sorry for bouncing into your privacy. You 
might not know the sender of this mail. But i 
got your E-mail when searching files on 
reputable people online. Let me start by 
introducing myself. 
Here writes, Mrs. Amanda Jane Bishop 

I was married to Engineer  Welshman Bishop an 
Englishman who is  dead. When my late 
husband was alive he deposited the sum of  
£5,300,000.00 GBP (Five  Million Three 
Hundred Thousand Great Britain Pounds 
Sterling ) which  were derived from his vast 
estates and investment in capital market with a  
security company here in Europe., Presently, 
this money is still with the online bank., My 
Doctors told me that I have limited days to live 
due to the cancerous problems I am suffering 
from at the moment. I have decided to  donate 
this fund to you and entitled to keep 7.3% of 
the funds  and I want you to use this gift which 
comes from my Husband effort to fund the 
upkeeps of widows, widowers,  orphans, 
destitute, the down-trodden, physically 
challenged children,  barren-women and 
persons who prove to be genuinely  
handicapped financially.

As soon as I receive your reply I shall give you 
the contact of the online bank in Europe. I will 
also issue you a Letter of Authority and give you 
the Last Will of Testament  that will empower 
you as the original beneficiary of this fund. My 
happiness is that I lived a life worthy of 
emulation. Please always be prayerful all 
through your life. Please assure me that you will 
act just as I have stated herein.

Hope to hear from you soon and God bless you 
and members of your family. You are
to contact me with my most private email 

Madam  Amanda Jane

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