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Another Scam: from Mr Ahardi Usman

Dear Friend,

Complement of the day and how is your health coupled with work hope fine well am very glad to contact you directly via email, I am Mr. Ahardi Usman, the Head of Foreign Operation department, holding the post of foreign and national inheritance funds in the bank i served I discovered existing dormant account for over 8years. When I discovered that there had been neither continuation nor withdrawals from this account for this long period and our banking laws stipulates that any unserviceable account for more than 8years will go into the bank revenue as an unclaimed fund.

I have made personal inquiries about the depositor and his next of kin but sadly, the depositor and his next of kin died on their way to business trip, and he left no body behind for this claim, I only made this investigation just to be double sure of this fact and since I have been unsuccessful in locating the relatives information concerning this fund, I seek your concern for further assistance to stand as the real next of kin to the deceased person so that our bank will release the fund on your behalf, please due keep this transaction to yourself dont ever discuss with any one ok.

Amount to claim US$
Now my questions are:-
1. Can you handle this project?
2. Can I give you this trust?
If yes, call me and send to me your personal information as below:
Your name :....................
Your address:..................
Your country:..................
Your occupation:...............
Your age:......................
Telephone number:..............

Note: This information is very necessary,

Upon the receipt of your urgent reply, I will give you instructions on how the business will be executed and also note that you will have 50% of the above mentioned sum as your own share while 50% will be for me, and both of us will handle the expenses that may arise in this transaction. I am expecting your urgent responses to enable me inform you on how the business will be executed. Please keep this proposal as a top secret or delete if you are not interested,

may almighty god bless you.
yours faithfully
Mr Ahardi Usman

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