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Another Alleged Scam re:

Hi there...

My mother signed up for a $2 trial of a product from these guys, and the cooling off period was 30 days.... this is the 11th day, and a pending amount of $80 now sits in her account to be drawn out, We cannot afford this, all further transactions have been closed....

We have found no plausible way to contact them....

Their website is:

Thank you for your time.

- Josh


Anonymous said...

I received the trial pack on 21 December 2011 with just a despatch note saying 3 items were enclosed. Nothing about a contract or 30 day cancellation notice.

On 30 December 2011 they took £74.95 from my account and the same amount again on the 3 January 2012 with nothing to show for it.

They do not respond to emails or phone calls.

Fraudulent advertising.

Anonymous said...

I received the trial pack of perfect radiance abd Revita-derm on 21 December 2011. No contract or notice of 30 day cancellation. On January 5 tehy took £79.95 from my account. I telephoned 08081683685 and cancelled my contract informing them that I hadnt agreed to it. I cancelled my debit card and informed my banks fraud section who have taken it up.

Anonymous said...

Hey there

I signed up for a free trial of two products (paying only shipping) from Revita-Derm on the 15th December. No contract was actioned or notice of 30 day cancellation mentioned. On Dec 29th and Jan 4th my credit card was charged in total with the amount of $202.51 supposedly for 2 products - I have not received them. I have been in contact with my bank to advise them of this fraudulent behaviour.

I am in the process of emailing the company concerned but by what I have read from others the outcome of getting any action or a reply seems unlikely.

tracy said...

i too recieved 3 items, nothing about a contract or 30 day cancellation notice. One month later 3 more items arrived on my doorstep,I sent them back recorded delivery and was refunded £74.95 and told by Christina that no other items would be sent and that my 'account' had been cancelled, it had not! From 27th dec 2011 to 23 jan 2012 a total of £336.97 has been taken out of my account, i too have spoken to my banks fraud section and also Trading Standards