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Another Scam: from Miss Lally Williams

Dear Beloved Friend,

Compliment of the day to you. I hope you are fine and that this mail will meets you in good health and happiness. I am the daughter to late Mr.William J Maddox, a pilot from United states who died inJanuary 5th, 2001. For re-affirmation about his death visit the site below:

I want to confide in you to explain what bothers me most in life at present which is my late Father's fund(U.S.$10 MILLION) that will be a waste if nothing is done urgently. This fund was deposited in a Security & Finance Company in London by my late Father before his untimely death which he concealed the fund in a metallic trunk box as family valuables and deposited it with the security company instead of a bank because of security reasons base on the fact that he was a Senior Pilot attached the presidency before he died.

If you desire to help me i will appreciate it so much and will be willing to give you 30% of the entire fund to cover any possible expenses that you may incure during the process.I want your re-affirmation that you are capable to help me transfer the consignment as what you will have to do after i have sent all the necessary documents to you is just for you to contact the security company as my late father business partner and find out what it will take the security company to process and transfer the consignment to you through their diplomatic courier service.

I took this decision because i am the only surviving child of my late father and because of how my late father relatives have treated me with so much dis-regard and hatred since his demise. They have also ceased all my late father property within United States and this fund in the security company is all that they could not get hold of because it was not deposited in United States.

I am willing to do anything to assist in the liftment of this consignment
to you only if you assure me of your credibility in helping me seal the fund transfer to your country,thereafter i will travel down there and invest so that i can live a happy life again. please i want an answer to all questions as listed below so that i can be more assured that you are really genuine and ready to help me before sending you the documents of the deposit and the security company's contact details that you shall use to apply for the consignment release and liftment to you:-

1.if you are ready to keep the transaction as top secret because i do not want my late father relatives to know about this consignment in London.

2. Your capability and financial credibility in handling this transaction in every ramification.

3. Your credibility and reliability as to avoid betrayal from you or seating on the entire fund when the trunk box is finally received by you.

4. That all my instructions as the initiator of the transaction would be taken to ensure a hitch-free transaction. Also send your proof of identity (passport/drivers license) and your address so that i can have confident in you before we proceed.

I will highlight you more on what to do and give you further details in regards to the transactional requirements as soon as you send your details and the proof of your identity so that you will know exactly what will be required to finish the transaction successfuly.

I await your urgent response in this regard.

Miss. Lally Williams.


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