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Another Scam: from Mr. Tomas Anderson, Auditor

Mark, here you'll find the first email I every received that got this thing going. Now its daily non-stop. Do you know who this guy is? I suspect it to be a scam but how does one confirm that it is or isn't. I'm familiar with that saying "if it sounds to good to be true it probably is". I'm supposed to receive 10 million this week sometime in exchange for $1600. Now lets face it, this falls in to the category of if it sounds to good to be true.

This is a separate suspected scam than the one I originally contacted you about. I'm trying to find out who this Tom Anderson is. He claims to be from Portugal and the name Tom Anderson is a far cry from a Portuguese name. He grew up there and his accent confirms to me that he wasn't raised here in the states. I've done the scam check as I did on the other potential scam but the way the results are written out in some cases it seems as though Tom Anderson is on our side and not the scammer. They make it very confusing.

I think as I haven't heard anything from the previous probable scam they are backing off realizing I'm not going to send them any money. They sure have a way of making it sound good and hard to resist.

Here's the email that started this current on going transaction: I see as you will that he apparently doesn't know how to spell Thomas but now goes by Tom. This email I received on Oct. 30, 2011 so two months have passed and as yet I have sent him any money nor has he asked for any (YET). If you do have any information about Tom (Thomas) Anderson

Dear Sir,

I am Mr. Tomas Anderson Auditor of a Bank here in America; I would want to know your capability of investing with you the sum total of $18,000,000.00(Eighteen Million Dollars Only) dollar equivalent that will be under your control

This amount will be transferred to you as soon as I receive your reply indicating your interest and ability to handle this.

We can sponsor any project that would bring good returns. Maybe real estate, oil sector e.t.c.

I will let you know the full details of this immediately you indicate your interest and also the necessary documents regarding the fund will be forwarded to you immediately. Our sharing ratio will be subject to negotiation.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Mr. Anderson

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