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Another Scam: from Mrs. Rose E. Lubisi

Good Day
I know how surprise this letter will come to you, But i would advice that you consider it
as a request from a family in dare need of assistance. I am Mrs. ROSE E.LUBISI the wife of Mr. DAVID LUBISI of Harare in Zimbabwe. Your contact information came to me from your country's trade journal during my search for a reliable and God fearing person that can assist me and my only son, and I quite believe on my own that you can be of great help in this regard even if i am not acquainted to you before. 
The business involves the transfer of NINETHEEN MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND U.S. DOLLARS ONLY (US$19,500,000.00) into your account for safekeeping. This fund is inherited from my late husband who was assassinated by the president's (ROBERT MUGABE) aides in view of taking his lands and property during the crisis which lead to the killing and banishing of foreign (white) farmers. After the death of my husband (A day I can never forget) I was approached by our family lawyer who told me that my late husband had filed a document with him which stipulates his "WILL"..In the "WILL" he specifically pointed and I quote,

Darling, I wish to draw your attention to the sum of NINETHEEN MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND U.S. Dollars (U.S$19.5M) which I deposited with a Security Company in Johannesburg South Africa with all the documents filed by our lawyer. In case of my absence on earth caused by death only, you should solicit for a foreigner that can assist you to transfer the money out of their (South Africa) for investment purposes. I have saved this money to make the future of my only son “Clement Lubisi " and he told me, my wife immediately the government started eyeing my business and involvement with the white farmers. Please take good care of “CLEMENT" and yourself, we shall meet to part no more.You will understand that my future especially the future of my son depends on this money and as such I will be grateful if you can assist us in transferring this fund to your account overseas for our investments. 
Please contact my son on his.
Telephone number +27 71 751 9130
As he will direct you with our lawyer to arrange the modalities of transferring this fund without any hitch.For your assistance we have agreed to offer you 45% of the whole fund, 5% for any expenses that may be incurred while the remaining 50% will be kept for us under your care till our arrival in your country. Please i want to tell you that my family living here in South Africa is comfortable with us especially my only son CLEMENT. God blesses you for your anticipated understanding and co-operation..
I await your urgent and positive response
Best regards
Mrs. Rose E. Lubisi
(For the family)

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