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Internet Scams: News for 12/21/11

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Kim Jong Il online scams and stories spread
It happens every time a crazy foreign leader dies, online scams and stories spread. Scammers prey on your curiosity and ask you to click on a link. If you get an email, or see a Facebook link that offers to give you a look at Kim Jong Il's dead body, ...
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Fake Better Business Bureau Complaint Emails Are Scams Phishing for Personal ...
NEWS.GNOM.ES (press release)
Chicago, IL- December 20, 2011 – An email scam using the Better Business Bureau's (BBB) name and logo continues to proliferate across North America, and even to some overseas addresses. Most of the emails carry the well-known BBB torch logo and may ...
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Authorities: Be wary of Web-based scams
Steuben Courier
Authorities are warning the public that online scams ramp up this time of year as more shoppers head to the Internet to buy gifts for the holidays. And scam artists don't just target individuals, either, according to police – public and private sector ...
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Scamsters worry legitimate charities
The Sudbury Star
People coming to the door, email scams, bank scams. I think a lot of people know to be careful and if the people soliciting money can't provide any information, that's something that should say to you, 'This isn't a good thing to do.'"
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'Tis the season for scam artists
The Franklin Sun
Over the past five years, FPSO has seen an increasing number of complaints relating to scamssolicited through the telephone, mail and Internet, according to Chief Deputy Kevin Cobb. Cobb feels the only way to slow down the phenomena is by each person ...
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Safe Shopping Tips During the Holidays
According to Consumer Reports, nearly a million Americans fell victim to money related scams andfrauds in 2010. Fraudulent Internet sales, phony charities, layaway scams, and fake gift cards can all trap honest shoppers. And this is the time of the ...
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Lewistown Mutual, Grinnell Mutual, and Identity Theft 911® partner together to ...
Canton Daily Ledger
By Anonymous There's no bustling through crowds with online shopping, but making purchases over the Internet may increase the risk of identity theft. According to the Federal Trade Commission in 2011, a disproportionate number of scams, fraud, ...
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Phone scammers seeking credit card info to 'fix' computers
NG News
The man says he's been told by the callers to “take down his firewalls” and that any computer in his home connected to “the same Internet” was vulnerable. “I'm worried – my in-laws are pretty old, and they wouldn't have any idea this wasn't legitimate, ...
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