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Scam Description: "He represented himself as being a Staff Sargent in the U.S. Army serving in Iraq..."

I'm right I believe in the middle of a scam. It all started when I received an email from someone telling me they were in Iraq and had found a large amount of money assumed to be some of Saddam Hussein's stashed billions.

He represented himself as being a Staff Sargent in the U.S. Army serving in Iraq. If I promised to keep it a secret he was going to share 50/50 with me 16 million dollars.

This all started about two months ago and the Sargent's name was Matthew Pemble. I did a Google internet fraud and scam search on him and found some pretty interesting information about him.

He told me that he was going to have a company named Gresham-Securities handle the transfer of this money to me by a Diplomat named James Williams. Who I have also done a scam search For and again found allot of interesting information on. We stopped communicating for quite awhile and the out of the clear blue I received an email from James Williams telling me that the Sargent was killed in action in Iraq. He told me also that he was now in New York with the two cases of money but as he didn't have the combination to the cases and knowing that I did he decided he would share these funds with me. He told me that he was leaving NYC that afternoon and was to arrive in Tampa where I live that evening.

I never did hear from him again until much later that evening telling me that Homeland Security had caught up with him in Miami and they were detaining him and confiscated the two cases.

He supposedly is still in Miami with the cases being held by Homeland Security. He told me that they decided he had labeled the case wrong and were fining him $1000. He doesn't have $1000 and I'm supposed to go to Miami this next Thursday and pay Homeland Security to $1000. What I'm not sure of yet is how exactly we are going to pay them. I don't know if he expects me to give him the money and he will then pay the fine or will I just pay the fine on his behalf.

It seems like they have wasted allot of time for a scam that would net them just $1000. I do hear from him just about everyday kind of just checking in with me.

What should I do at this point in time. I have no way of knowing whether or not he's in Miami. He has never asked me for any money which I'm sure you'll agree is unusual. As near as I can tell he's been in Miami for at least two weeks now patiently waiting for me to get the $1000 which will be accepted by Homeland Security in the form of cash only. I have done a little investigative work myself and Homeland Security here in Tampa say they would accept a personal check for such a payment. I haven't told them the entire story as I has you here.

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