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Email: with a description of how the scam worked (i.e., what happened exactly), and we will try to (a) locate the scam artist(s), (b) work with law enforcement to expedite prosecution, and (c) help you get some - or all - of your money back.


Romance Scam

Bradley Bolton, UK # 011447872282313 (U.S. cell # of (940) 604-6469) scams middle aged women in dating sites.  He works overseas (always changing locations, - now in Malaysia).  He immediately proclaims his love for you, with many promises.  Then the "catastrophies" hit.  First his health, then his finances.  He cannot get out of Malaysia to get back to London.  I offered to leave a pre paid ticket for him at the airport.  He immediately stated that "something might happen where he could not make it to the airport" and he needed the money instead.  The longer he persists for money, the meaner he gets.  Ladies, beware!  He CAN be very charming and make many promises that any woman would want to hear. 


Dear scam investigator,

I received an SMS from 49175101250 on 19th of November annoucing I had won 750,000.00 British pounds in BLACKBERRY CASH SPLASH PROMO with a reference number asking to claim email my name, age and country to

I sent the request on the same day, then got a reply within a few hours from requesting an identity number, full names, gender, DOB, marital status, occupation, annual income, contact address, nationality, ref number, mobile number, alternate mobile/phone number and the claims option of courier service or bank transfer.

As there was no request of account number I felt confident to sent the requested information.

After 5 days I received an email for undeliverable message due to network problem preventing delivery or possibility of a turned off computer or no mail system running right now.

At that stage, I tried to call the phone number 44 792 455 1506 from the 2nd email. I kept getting a message that the phone was out of range or switched off.

On the 26th I thought of forwarding the second email to On the 29th, I received a reply subject: verification completed (contact Heathrow courier for delivery insurance). The email was congratulating me for the 2nd prize of 750,000.00 British pounds with a validation number and a QLF number. It advissed that a cheque had been issued to my name and that the following items had been forwarded to their affiliate Diplomatic Courier company for delivery registration. The 4 items being: winning cheque, Blackberry Torch smartphone, winning certificate and prize authorization letter. It asked me to contact their affiliate Diplomatic courier Company for their delivery insurance requirements and how to pay charges. It also stated that delivery charges cannot be deducted from won prizes, that the promotion end 15th December 2011 and "Any cheque returned to this office as unclaimed by our affiliate Diplomatic Courier Company after the promotion deadline date will be cancelled".

I first made a phone call to 44 701 113 3277 and a Mr Frederick Gold answered and it was the name on the email for Heathrow Courier Services. He advised me to send the validation and QLF numbers by email to and I would be requested to send 550 British pounds for cost.

At this stage I researched the possibility of a scam.

Tonight only an hour ago (about 8.00pm in Victoria Australia) I receive a call on my mobile, I had difficulty hearing and passed it to my wife who told the person that it was a scam, not to call back and she hanged up.

I put as much detail as I could, I hope it is not too long and that something can be done to stop those criminals.


Scams News for 11/29/11

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Cyber Monday Ripe with Opportunities for Scammers
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Housing Scam Alert
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Cyber Monday Provides The Perfect Environment For 'Package Not Delivered' Scams
Security Management
Fraud on the internet is a continuing global issue for the shipping industry, UPS spokeperson Susan Rosenberg told Security Management by phone. Package tracking scams have been a weapon of choice for malware attacks since as far back as 2008. ...
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Facebook Login Scam Threatens Users
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The phishing scam comes in the form of an email purporting to be from Facebook, and is convincing because it mimics security procedures used by many websites to prevent bad behavior online, or protect from internet trolls. ...
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'Cyber Week' a reminder of fraud risks
Spencer Daily Reporter
We are on high alert for email scams and are very speculative about those deals that are too good to be true." Robinson cited a estimate that 50 percent of Americans purchased something online while at work Monday, while ComScore projected ...
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BBB Reports Phishing Scam
"This is a scam - BBB does not send complaints as attachments via email," the BBB stated. The fake e-mails appear to come from "," "" and "" "The e-mail appears to direct the recipient to the BBB website, ...
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Police Say Beware of Cyber Monday Scams, Identity Theft
By Shauntel Lowe Cyber Monday may just be the Thanksgiving for Thieves, mouse-wielding Internetcriminals who wait for deal seekers to enter their credit card information on fake shopping sites, or click to buy gift cards not even worth a lump of coal. ...
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Beware of online scams on Cyber Monday
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Police: Text message claiming to be from credit union is a scam ...
The Jamestown Police Department is warning residents of a possible scam involving text messages from an alleged credit union.

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How To Secure Mobile Devices
SMS or VM Phishing: SMS and voicemail are common vectors of attack for phishing scams. Always call the institution directly and verify the information ...


Another Scam: from Mr. Christopher Willams, British Online Co-Ordinators

Winning Code (AQ11WWRZZA1)!!!


This is to inform you that you have been
selected for a cash prize of 1,200,000
(British Pounds)  held on the  24th of November
2011 in London (United Kingdom).The selection
process was carried out through  random
selection in Our computerized email selection
system (ESS) London Uk. For claims,

Fill the below:

1.Full Name
2.Full Address
3.Marital Status
8.Country Of Residence
9.Telephone Number

Agent Name: Mr. Christopher Willams
Tel: +44-702-402-3152
Email (

Internet Scams: News for 11/28/11

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Holiday season attracts scammers to Modesto area
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From the parking lots of shopping centers to Web sites on the Internet, every yearscammers and thieves employ the same methods because people continue to fall victim to them. There are many scams online that are common during the holidays, ...
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FBI providing tips on avoiding scams, being a smart shopper this Cyber Monday
ABC Action News
If you're not familiar with the sender's emails, contact the business to certify that theemail is genuine. If an online opportunity pressures you to act quickly, it may be ascam. Online criminals will create a sense of urgency so you can buy ...
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Amid Cyber Monday Deals, Cyber Scams to Watch for
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To avoid online charity scams, do your research and make sure that you're giving to a legitimate foundation. There are several Internet resources like the Federal Trade Commission's website or the charities and donors section of the Better Business ...
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Cyber Monday: Tips to avoid scams
By Evan Coughlin - email Cyber Monday is a great alternative to Black Friday, you can shop from home, avoid the cold and the crowds. With one in every three shoppers relying on the Internet to do their holiday shopping, it's a free market for scammers ...
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Cyber crimes are getting more attention
New Philadelphia Times Reporter
He said local statistics aren't available because Cyber fraud would be listed with all other types of theft or fraud. “Our officers hear about this on a daily basis,” Campbell said. “It's various types ofInternet lottery scams from several countries. ...
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Callcredit Warns Online Shoppers to Keep Their Personal Details Wrapped Up ...
MarketWatch (press release)
LEEDS, UNITED KINGDOM, Nov 28, 2011 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- As the busiest time of the year for internet shopping gets into full swing, festive shoppers are warned to be on their guard against online fraud and bogus retail websites. ...
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Fraud reports rising as online shopping picks up
Washington Examiner
Over the past five years, reports of online fraud jumped 31 percent in the District, 73 percent in Maryland and 49 percent in Virginia, according to data from the InternetCrime Complaint Center, an arm of the FBI that tracks cybercrime. ...
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Attorney General Kelly cautions holiday shoppers; offers tips to avoid common ...
Attorney General Linda Kelly urges consumers to exercise caution during the holiday season to avoid common problems, scams and fraud. "The holidays can be a busy and exciting time, filled with many distractions, so it is important for consumers to ...
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Cyber Monday Tips
Internet security experts say all online shoppers need to be aware of these scams and viruses even if you're shopping on a smart-phone. One site to help you sort through the sales More than 800-retailers have come together to ...
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This site has me paranoid!! - Internet Love Scams
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Beware Cyber Monday Shopping Scams
Be leery of emails or text messages you receive indicating a problem or question regarding your financial accounts. In this scam, you are directed to follow a link or call the number provided in the message to update your account or correct the problem ...
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Holiday shoppers should be wary of scams
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Cooper's office advises giving to causes that you choose rather than being swayed by high-pressure telemarketers or text messages and emails that may be scams. Staff writer Catherine Pritchard can be reached at or 486-3517. ...
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