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Another Scam: from John Nicholson, Speechly Bircham LLP

Dear Sir, I am forwarding the email I received from John Nicholson:

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: John Nicholson
Sent: Sunday, January 15, 2012 10:56 PM

Hello _____,

We have to be close in communication and we have to put in our best as this is not expected to come out easy, The late Mark note Peter is the middle name was a citizen of the United-States, but also a citizen of Belgium. Engineer Mark a formal Sub-Comptroller working with Chevron Texaco Oil here in the United Kingdom (54 yrs), had a wife named, Maria she was 46 before her death, and his daughter, Katharine (11yrs). He was transferred from Belgium in the year 1988.He was residing at # 16 Bedford Row, London.

Please try to get used to these informations before calling the finance company for they will be very useful when you make the call to them, the information's will be very useful so try to get used to them.

Once again thanks for your willingness to assist me. Attached on this mail is the text of application which I want you to send to the finance company, after filling it, you have to send it down to me for my perusal and corrections if there is any to be made, then you can send it down to the finance company but I will advise you call the company first before sending the application to let them know of your sudden intentions, the email address of the company is ( and the companies direct number is 44-770-003-0866 Fax:+44-700-593-8385 and if you are connected, tell who ever picks the phone that you want to speak with Sir George Mathewson He is the DIRECTOR OF INTERNATIONAL REMITTANCE DEPARTMENT,HALIFAX BANK, and if he is connected to you, I want you to tell him whom you are and why you have come, that you have come to claim your late uncle's fund deposited with them.
If he cares to know how you discovered that your family had such an amount of fund with them, tell him that your family discovered some documents that shows he deposited such amount of fund with them. I know this will come like a surprise to them but I do not think there is nothing they can do, because the money does not belong to them. If he wants to know why you have not come for this claim after such a long time, I want you to tell him that you have being very busy with business engagements outside your country and that has kept you away.

Make sure you call them before sending the application and make sure this is really confidential. I want you to be very calm and composed when you are speaking with the director of international remittance department, that is Sir George Mathewson .He knows what and what they will be requiring as proof so let him ask and I am there to provide to you what ever he needs so do not bother. If they want to know some of the documents you have to make this claim, I want you to tell him you have the CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT and DEED OF LODGE. These certificates are documents signed on the day the funds were deposited in the finance company.

Note that they are very vital and important documents as it stands as evidence that such fund was kept under their care and that makes it undeniable by them. Tell them you also have the DEATH CERTIFICATE .If they care to know how you got hold of the document tell them that your family discovered the CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT and DEED OF LODGE while going through your uncle's properties, The DEATH CERTIFICATE was obtained by a private lawyer of yours whom you hired to help you obtain them from the hospital, which they were taken to after the incidence.

I have hired a private lawyer for you his name is Barrister David Mabb. He is a friend of mine and he knows very little on this transaction as it is meant to be very confidential. His job is to act as the medium between you and me as they are not to know that I contacted you. Every information passed down to you from me will be through him and it has to be so if any body cares to know. I think this information's are okay for now, make sure you call the finance company first before sending the application.

John Nicholson.
Speechly Bircham LLP
6 New Street Square
London EC4A 3LX
Tel: +44 70-359-25594
Fax: +44 7005-931-278
DX 54 Chancery Lane.
N.B When calling you dial your country calling code which I think is 011+my number (+44-70-359-25594). That is (011-44-70-359-25594). You can also confirm the
code from your service provider.

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Anonymous said...

I lost 6,000.00. I was told I had an inheritance of $10,500,000.00 and i needed to pay the fees to have the money transferred to my account. Western Unioned the money to Nigeria and never heard a word.It is shameful and embarrassing...I am a sole provider for two kids. My credit went belly up and I also almost lost my home. That was 2008...they are still trying to reel me in. I called police and made a report to the FBI. I have reference numbers if you need them. Please get back to me.


Foolish in Georgia