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Another Scam: from Rev. Francis Daniel

From The Office Of Reverend Francis Daniel
+221-774- 959- 662


As you have known already,my name is Rev.Francis Daniel, 58 yrs of age minister in charge of the prayer warfare here in the refuge camp, and had been serving here for more than four years now under united nation recognition.I received your mail dated 29/01/2011.Yes my son this christ the king refugee camp parish located here in tambercounda Senegal.My son concerning Miss Joy Kamara living here as one of the refugees in the female hostel of this camp.

Regards to the informations concerning one Miss Joy Kamara who is 24 yrs of age, with my investigation as man of God and also the authorities of the camp, we realized that she is a daughter to late Mr.Justin Kamara Yak from Repulic of Sudan here in Africa.She has reliably introduced you to me as her partner whom she loves and trusted with all her heart.My son your partner has already explained to me about her late father's deposit which he made at the bank in london which i have already seen the documents concerning the money, and had also adviced her to keep it saved.

Meanwhile Miss Joy Kamara is a very humble and jovial nice girl, although she sometimes get upset and by the time you knew what was happening she is cool. One thing i like in her is that no matter her family back ground or her late father's reputation, she still brings herself low and even plays jokes with her mates here in the camp.My son in christ,i urge you to help her in any way you could to enable her to leave this camp.Really we do try our best to help them here even my worst enemies around me,then how much more youths that have dreams and futures at hand.

Please try all you could to save her soul, because feeding here is a huge blow for all of them not only her, sometimes they can't even boast of having a square meal here in a day, and nothing i could do because I am an employee only depends on my salaries and sometimes on the church committee to solve some crucial financial problems.Presently she feels so sad as if she is mourning or remembering her late parents whenever i see her.

Conclusively i am telling you to help her out from this sorrowful situation that she is undergoing in the camp since she has decided to leave this camp to your country having found help from there.

I have to leave it here because i have a church service to attend in a short time now.I will mostly be happy for you to read the book of (Deutronomy 28:1----14)
May the most high God continue to guide and protect you in a every of your efforts to help her out from this situation.

God bless you.

Yours faithfully.
Rev. Francis Daniel (+221-774- 959- 662)

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