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Scams News for 1/11/12

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DBS/POSB bank sends SMS alerts on ATM withdrawals
Channel News Asia
By Sharon See | Posted: 11 January 2012 2137 hrs SINGAPORE: DBS has started sending out SMS alerts for suspicious ATM transactions including alerts for Internet banking and credit card transactions. Following the recent ATM scams, it extended the ...
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ELPD advises of scams
The Review
EAST LIVERPOOL - City police issued a warning Tuesday to residents that several scams are circulating via the Internet and telephone that could cost them money if they fall prey to them. The most current scam involves asking for money to be sent to ...
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RBI issues another warning on scam e-mails
Moneylife Personal Finance site and magazine
This book hilariously shows internet scam artists are just as gullible as their victims if not more so. The idea in one of these scams is to get the recipient to wire the sender money. Here, it is the email recipient who gets the senders to promise to ...
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Hamilton Police warn of several scams in the area
Numerous “work at home” scams ask you to use your personal bank account for business “funds transfers” that are later found to be organized money laundering. If you show the slightest interest in any of these schemes, your email address and contact ...
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'More than 500 Nigerians in Indian jails'
The high commissioner said the Nigerians were being held for offences, such as drug trafficking, fraud, Internet scam, identity fraud, cyber-crimes, job scams and forgery of travel documents, such as passports and visas. “Among the greatest challenges ...
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Internet leader defends coming changes in URLs
Following complaints from the Federal Trade Commission and others that registries of website owners were sometimes poorly maintained, making it difficult to shut down scams, ICANN CEO Rod Beckstrom pledged that the top executives of all new registrars ...
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Summary Box: Internet address expansion set
CBS News
... expressed interest in applying for a suffix and possibly earning millions of dollars a year from people and groups wanting a website that ends in that name. Critics worry that an expansion will mean more addresses available to scams and other problems.
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Coming up, police investigating pizza scam
14 News WFIE Evansville
We'll hear from Evansville Police about these kinds of scams and how popular they are at 4 and 5. Improved internet access may be coming to Hopkins and Muhlenberg County, as officials in both counties are asking for funding to increase broadband ...
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Solera Networks Foresees Top Threats for 2012, Recommends Security Resolutions ...
MarketWatch (press release)
Today, threats include everything from local scam artists to entire markets hosted on overseas sites. Users will need to exercise extreme caution installing anything onto their smart phones or tablets, especially if they have unlocked or otherwise ...
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Text of Gov. Scott's State of the State as written
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
These costs are being driven up every day all around our state by scams that are ultimately paid for by Florida's working families. If we are going to be serious about keeping the cost of living low for Floridians, we must get tough on the fraud and ...
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DBS CEO says sorry for ATM fraud
Channel News Asia
DBS is looking to enhance security measures to prevent such ATM scams in the future. These include providing SMS alerts for ATM withdrawals beyond a certain ...
Android malware offers to remove Carrier IQ
Symantec and F-Secure have released details of scams in which users are tricked into downloading and ... with additional code to dial a premium SMS number. ...

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 Protecting your children from Internet predators | les-archers-de ...
Protecting your children from Internet predators. In 2002 thirteen-year-old Christina Prolonged, a Connecticut suburbanite, was crowned first confirmed killing in ... - Over the internet 

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