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These emails and text messages are real examples of current scams. Learn to identify them. Please forward any scams you receive to Mark Hutten: They will be posted on this site without your email address.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed

Have you lost money due to a scam?

Email: with a description of how the scam worked (i.e., what happened exactly), and we will try to (a) locate the scam artist(s), (b) work with law enforcement to expedite prosecution, and (c) help you get some - or all - of your money back.


Scams News for 1/4/12

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Is Your Company Tweeting Its Way Into Trouble?
Corporate Counsel
Don't endanger yourself or others: Avoid posting too much personal information that can leave you vulnerable to internet predators. ...

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Learn how to Protect Your young ones From Internet Predators ...
Learn how to Protect Your young ones From Internet Predators? Posted on January 4, 2012 by lindsay. Alf L.K. Gidney. When the children are on line, visit ...

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Bureau lists top scams of 2011
Deseret News
These kinds of scams often use celebrities or other famous names to make their offer seem more genuine. The BBB warned that on the Internet, "it is easy to pretend to be someone you are not." With so much information available online, a scammer could ...
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G7 Urges Financial Industry Leaders to Comply With Federal Court Order to ...
MarketWatch (press release)
... services providers, in order to create the illusion of check fraud protection, a feature strongly desired by consumers. In September 2006 the FTC initiated a lawsuit against an Internet-based paper check printing and delivery service called Qchex. ...
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Scam emails 'as Gaeilge' to fool users
Irish Independent
By Louise Hogan INTERNET fraudsters are going as far as translating scams into Irish in a bid to dupe unsuspecting web users. A new take on the common 'Spanish Lottery' spam mails has been detected by antivirus companies in recent days. ...
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The foreclosure crisis in Michigan and across the country has produced another ...
Detroit Free Press
The Internet has changed that, increasing the scope and scale of the fraud, she said. In November, SIGTARP announced that it had shut down 125 alleged schemes advertised on Yahoo, Bing and Google. SIGTARP's investigation has led to criminal charges ...
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Citizens reminded about a scam in which a caller pretends to be a grandchild ...
The Republic
The man hung up, checked the Internet and found reports of similar scams. Police advise the public to be skeptical of such calls. They suggest hanging up the phone and then contacting other family members who know the whereabouts of the relative.
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Avoiding Scams and Thieves
WebMD (blog)
This is a common scam used by various African countries, using Internet café computers. Classified ads are scanned and offers to buy literally everything will be made. When my brother was selling his old sailboat, someone offered to buy it “sight ...
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Via IP Lookup, Email Checker Lets Users Verify Email Addresses ...
Emailwire (press release)
It can also protect individuals from spam or fraudulent email activity. There have been numerous stories in the news of people who have been taken advantage of by email scammers falsely representing themselves as financial institutions or even ...
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Help...?Internet scams? - Yahoo! Answers
So i know this guy is trying to scam me and I was …

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 India arrests Nigerians in spam scam case
3 (UPI) -- India says it has arrested six Nigerian nationals suspecting of committing text message and e-mail scams that defrauded hundreds of people. Authorities said the men were taken into custody while police seized 14 laptops, seven memory sticks ...
See all stories on this topic »Victim warning others of phishing scams
All it takes is one click, one call or one text for thieves to get their hands on your personal information. The Collier County Sheriff's Office says they've received gotten dozens of complaints from people who have received bogus calls from scammers ...
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India arrests 6 foreigners for SMS, e-mail fraud
ZDNet Asia
By Jamie Yap , ZDNet Asia on January 4, 2012 (4 mins ago) Six Nigerians apprehended in Mumbai for suspected SMS and spam mail scams defrauding hundreds of ...

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Vodacom Warns Users of New SMS Scam | Junk Mail Blog
Earlier today South African Cellular Network Provider Vodacom posted a warning on their Facebook page about a new SMS scam that has been doing the ...

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