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Another Scam: from Scott Humphrey Solicitors

From: Scott Humphrey Solicitors <>
Subject: Re: Legalization Fee for Apple Mobile Award

This is to inform you that your information as well as winning detail have be verified with the Apple Inc, Mobile Award Promo. Having been given authorization by the Apple Inc. Promotional Sweepstakes to handle the legalization process for international  winners of their promotion, I'm contacting you to begin the process. As per their guidelines, the legalization/remittance process must be concluded prior to having your cheque sent to you. 
There is a need to obtain relevant documents from a notary in the jurisdiction ( United Kingdom ) where the sweepstakes are held. These documents include a Power of Attorney, sworn affidavit and an insurance package for your payment cheque. After securing these documents, it becomes legal for me to sign the Funds Release Document on your behalf and present to the bank to issue your cheque in your name. 
It is also of necessity to have your payment cheque insured. 
Below is a break down of the cost of legal documentation. 
1. Power of Attorney -------------------------------  £ 105 
2. Sworn Affidavit in High Court -------------------  £ 180 
3. Letter of Administration and Notary Stamp -------  £  95
4. Insurance and Courier Delivery ------------------  £ 135 
                            TOTAL ------------------  £ 515 
It is required that you offset this cost prior to the having the legal process started. A Western Union Money Transfer Payment is the advised medium of payment. This will ensure a speedy verification/confirmation  of your payment. Have the payment made out to: 
NAME OF RECEIVER: Ross Joseph Abbott
ADDRESS: 5 Station Parade Beaconsfield Bucks. HP9 2PG 
COUNTRY: United Kingdom
AMOUNT: £ 515 Pounds
The following details is required to be sent via email after payment has been made 
Senders Full Name: 
Senders Address: 
Money Transfer Control Number(MTCN): 
Scan Copy of Payment Slip. 
Please respond with a confirmation of your payment for this legal process. On completion of the legalization/remittance process, your payment cheque and Award Winning Certificate will be sent to you via a courier service delivery to the address on file for you. This is normally 48 hours after the receipt of the legalization process. 
I look forward to serving you and hope this is enough clarification for the legalization process. 
Barrister Darlington Bismarck (Senior Partner),
Scott Humphery Solicitors,
Legal Practitioner and Solicitor of Co-operate Consultant,
Plot 521 Station Parade
Telephone (UK): +44 702 404 6345


Sharni said...

I got that exact same email. is it a fake?

Anonymous said...

Yep. I got exactly the same one.... Gee, they're good arn't they. They almost had me sending the money, but I thank the Lord that i had the sense to dig around and find out who they really were.

Don't get sucked into this so called "Scott Humphreys Solicitors". There is no such thing as winning $750,000.00 (pounds)from an "Apple Inc. Mobile Award".