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Another Scam: from Sister Gloria

Dear friend in christ ,

                  Calvary greeting to you with the name of the
almighty lord.  My dear friend,i am not contacting you to involve you
in any problem or risk for what i am proposing to you is 100% risk
free and real for i promise you of that for this said fund legally
belongs to me and i inherited it from my late husband and my health
situation has made me to seek for a Godfearing person to help me use
this fund for the glory of God been i don't have any children and my
late husband brothers are all  unbeliver whom has made life mesirable
for me after the death of my husband and they took me as outcast in
their mist.i will want you to handle this personally or give me their

A man fined joy in given an apt reply.l quite understood your content
of mail and l wish to informed you that money is the root of all evil
and if money could have heal my sickness l could have be okay for
long,my life lies the bossom of the lord.

Well I will like you to know that before you were born,God know the
number of hair in your head.Well I will like you to know that you were
choosen through the inspiration of almighty God.Hence you do not need
to worry.But believe you are choosen the way Mary was choosen to give
birth to Jesus.

I am candidly sincere and willing to donate the money for His kingdom,
which is hoping will please the lord in His throne of grace. For this
purpose, please refer to the scriptures of 1 Kings 3 verses 9. The
flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.
Such gift does not come every dynasty.  However, I will want you to
promise me that this sum will be utilized exclusively for the benefit
of these program, Your written confirmation is enough. These funds are
not to be diverted for private purposes. You must take time to fast
and pray over this matter to seek His will. You should be in fervent
prayer in this matter and can e-mail me further as the Lord leads,
guides and directs you.
I  did not contact you to donate the total sum to your church  or your
personally use but for you inperson to help me set an orphange home
for the less previlage ones and war ravish countries in Expecially in
africa  and asia for there are people that need helps and my sickness
has made me to know and come closer to God.

I want you to understand that based on the fact that some unforseen
expenses might come up i have decided to give you 20% of the total
money for your assitance in carry out this course and the rest should
go for the charity work.

please i want your sincere acceptance and assurance for there is no
risk in this for i assure you 100% risk free and i am ready to
instruct you on how to follow up and forward to you all legal details
covering the deposited fund including my identity and photo,but i must
know much about you physically and spiritually. how old are you? are
you a truly born again person? are you ready to work for God's glory?

God bless you,
Sister Gloria.

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