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Internet Scams: News for 3/12/12

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Cyber scams on the rise because of our greed
New Straits Times
By Phuah Ken Lin 0 comments INTERNET scams are on the rise in Malaysia as more and more people fall prey to numerous get-rich schemes. Everyone of us, more so the workforce and professionals who spend many hours online, are exposed to the threat each ...
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Be wary of Internet lottery scams, says OAG
Saipan Tribune
He received an email that said he had won a lottery involving Facebook and/or Europe. The resident was the victim of a scam. The AGO forwarded the information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The scammers told the victim he won second place in a ...
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Debt collection leads Utah complaints
Because the caller claimed to be from the Social Security Administration, the scam ranks below "bank and lender" scams (fourth), but above "Internet services" in popularity last year. The Utah Department of Consumer Affairs issued two lists of "top 10 ...
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Heating oil customers warned to beware of scams
Heating oil customers are being told to be careful about where they buy their fuel after some consumers fell victim to internet scams. The BBC reported it has been approached by several people complaining of being cheated out of their money after being ...
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Carl Welser: There's a sucker born every minute
Livingston Daily
I'm fairly immune to schemes and scams. But perhaps not totally immune. Surely by now, the market for scams on the Internet is thoroughly depleted. Everyone who uses a computer has already been exposed to a whole gamut of get-rich schemes and pleas for ...
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Susan Tompor: Watch for unexpected credit charges
Sacramento Bee
Kohm said the Internet makes it easier for scammers to make millions of dollars by getting $50 to $100 from thousands of people. Many times, the charges aren't necessarily fraud. Thousands of consumers are making regular payments as a result of rules ...
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AG: Internet scams head a list of woe - Times Union
Scams on the Internet — which New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman calls "the crime scene of the 21st century" — have grown in part because they're ...

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Facebook scam uses fake CAPTCHA to spread
Help Net Security
In order for a Facebook survey scam to be successful, it has to make users do two things: ... Girl accidentally sends dad SMS about her FIRST time!

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Telkomsel Executive Questioned Over Premium Rate SMS Scams
Indonesian police have questioned a senior executive at Telkomsel on suspicion of participating in what is being described as a massive phone credit theft ring ... SMS/Text Message Complaint - On Verizon ...
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Report text scams: agency
By Jill B. Tatoy THE National Telecommunications Commission is reminding the public to be cautious of text message scams and is encouraging them to report these to their agency. Engr. Jesus Laureno, NTC 7 regional director, said that legitimate ...
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MP Miller Clarifies Some Current Issues
The Meaford Independent
... the Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act. Our government made a commitment to Canadians in the last election to keep our streets and ...

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Video: Dangers of Internet Predators part of Lucky escape for Texas ...
This video will teach you about the dangers of internet predators. - 90521361; Lucky escape for Texas Teen from alleged Facebook predator.

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