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Victim Describes Scam: Dubai Islamic Bank

This happened to me last year, I was about to lose my job and was really desperate. I was phoned one Friday evening 25 February and told I had won 200,000 AED and that I should check my sim card for the number xxxxxxxxx (this is apparently the same number for ALL sim cards used by Etisalat) and then phone them back. I did not know that all sim cards have the same number nor ANYWHERE at that time was this information publically printed and available, much less on Etisalat's own website. The scam people told me that the draw took place on TV and that if I had the same number as they believed I did, then I was the winner and it would be announced on the said TV that evening. I do not have or watch TV. They wanted 2,650 in phone cards credit and would then tell me how to get the cheque. I didn't have that money there and then so it was arranged that they call the next day. On the Saturday when we spoke this time they then asked for another 5,550.00 as well and in both cases,stupidly and in phone card credit, I provided all of it and the phone card details were given to them so they took all the money. It was only when they wanted a further payment that i really did say no more. Despite their assurances that all of this money already paid would be refunded I said no chance, They had given me a name and a telephone number to call to arrange the cheque payment but I was not paying another penny never mind 7,750.00 and I told them so. They said the payment would be by Dubai Islamic Bank - I knew for a fact no Islamic Bank would be involved in any such prize giving.

On 27th I went to the police and took my evidence with me and gave it to them. I gave them all the telephone numbers and I gave them the phone card slips I had purchased and provided to the scammers. They didn't seem bothered at all, In fact they clearly thought I was just plain stupid. I never heard another thing. Likewise when I called the Dubai Islamic Bank and Etisalat and informed them that their names were being blackened in this scam they were also completely non concerned. I was totally appalled. I spoke to three different scam people, one was a woman (middle eastern) the others were I think possibly Indian. All the numbers I called were local and were mobiles. All of this was given to the police from my telephone together with the times of all the calls.

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