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Romance Scam from "Yana Yavdoshchuk"

Reference: Yana Yavdoshchuk / Яна Явдощук / Origin: Yalta, Lugansk Ukraine

Scammer: Яна Явдощук, Yana Yavdoshchuk, Yana Yavdoshchook (Yalta/Lugansk/Ukraine) 

Is constantly changing her name to appear different from the previous scam. Appears decently until the money disappears. Is on paid commission to write bogus letters and keep you chatting on marriage agencies. 

Origin: Lugansk / Yalta 
Country: Ukraine 

Operates on Facebook,,, marriage and dating agencies. Skype, MSN & Yandex.Ru

Яна Явдощук 
Yana V. Yavdoshchuk
Yana Yavdoshchuk 
Yana Yavdoschook 
Jana Valeriavna 
Yana Valerievna 
Яна Явдощук / Yanochka 

***Letter's ***
Hello my beautiful Kevin !!!
How are you? I hope all well with you. I am always happy that we met. 
When we spoke first time I even have tears of pleasure! When I began to correspond with you, I really could not know that our relationship will be so close and I like it.  Now I do not want our relations to disappear, I want to continue, I want to always lift your mood! And I hope you will want it! I can see that you are someone I can trust and with whom I can talk openly.  I think that in my life so much better when you can share the moment with anyone else. Sometimes just to hold the hand of the person you love can make all the worldly troubles disappear. Do you agree with me? I hope you understand my thoughts!!! Tell me how is your weather now? I hope in your house is not cold and warm blanket warms you at night.  Yesterday I was doing some works around the house - glued cracks in window with paper to make it warmer.  I've always loved the warmth and comfort of home. I want to say that I talked about you to my friend. She is happy for me that I have someone like you.  I feel that in your words is hidden a very different culture and it attracts me very much, I'm drawn to you like a magnet.  Of course a great pleasure and happiness for me - the opportunity to learn everything between us. I really want in the future, to feel close to a beloved man who is strong in the relationship, which will please me always by his compliments and concerns, and of course generosity.  For such a mean I will do everything so that he is happy. For such a man, I will always do comfort and warmth in the house, so that he comes home and has a good mood and always a good relax next to the woman he loves. Do you like my thoughts? Do you agree about visa? And visiting you? money? Yes, of course I agree that we must to communicate longer but, I have an emergency and would love to meet with you now.  What do you think? My dear Kevin, I have to stop to write this letter to you, but I will be close communication. With my great desire to love you need to know how I feel so happy myself, my honey Kevin. Well, I gotta go, my dear, I'll miss you, I love you and I want to be with you forever think of you Kevin!

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