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Freedom Club USA: Scam?

Freedom Club USA has been accepting members now for 8 years on the idea they can get you a monetary judgment. They call it an Admiralty Remeedy AR for short) for every loan or credit card you have because they think since the USA filed bankruptcy against the UK many decades ago, this made the USA insolvent and they say no bank can loan any depositors money, or the banks actual money to any one for a loan, it comes from some make believe strawman account. Here is a link to their website, Freedom Club USA - Newsletter  it is operated by a man named Tom Lawler from by Atlanta Georgia.

If you read all over the website it has all kinds of disclaimers, they say they will make a best effort at going where no group or person has gotten to before. Many times now this club leads its membership to believe that the money is finally there, that they have monetized these AR judgments and members will start getting their judgments any day, but in the past 2 years since I've been a member they have said this no less than 4 times now and each time comes and passes with this club coming up with another excuse why they have not begun funding any members. They claim to have over 7000 members now, not bad for 8 years of running this scam.

I bought into this club 2 years ago this month, sent them about $1200 to become a silver member before they said they was closing them out, but they still allowed silver memberships almost a year after I joined and was told that membership level would close. They use every way possible to entice other members to spread the word to get others to become members and spend $1200 or more dollars and then wait, and wait and wait for nothing.

 Tom Lawler is a crook, and he cannot prove he can do as he says and get every member a million dollars for every loan they have ever taken out. Once again funding was to start the first part of this past week, but they gave an excuse that their ISP provider had made some changes and now their new software that is supposed to be used when members submit an AR claim, will take a few more weeks before it's fixed. These excuses goes on and on month after month, none dare say anything bad about the club or they will kick you out, and you may lose those tens of millions of dollars they are promising you, if they can ever get this accomplished.

Lawler thinks he is untouchable, says he has been investigated by the IRS and nothing happened because he says he's 100% legal, because of all the disclaimers he has all over the website …but I think he is running out of money because now he is wanting members to go out and enlist new Bronze members in some Ambassador program he has started. He keeps taking money, keeps having live but screened call in nights every other week, yet has done nothing for 8 years except taking people’s money in return for that new member to be rich beyond their wildest dreams!

People slam the club all over the internet, but Lawler uses the FCUSA website to constantly downplay the few disgruntled members as he calls them. If I had sent tens of thousands of dollars to these creeps hoping to get $1million for each claim I had, I would be pissed by now too, some people have divorced over this club, some have went bankruptcy waiting for this funding to happen, the stories continue on and on and yet they keep taking memberships and money, for 8 years now and have not proven anything they say they can do. How can we shut them down before more people spend money for nothing with them?


05C1LL473 said...

Hi Mark,

I have been doing some deep investigation into this quasi pyramid scheme as well having been aware of it for a little while now.

I have written a fairly lengthy post here about it and have compiled a number of links and pieces of information:

I am doing what I can to help make sure others do not fall into this. The disclaimers on the FCUSA website and in their documents alone should be enough to set off alarm bells. N

ot to mention the syntax of the writing in their documents is very unprofessional as if made from generic contract templates.

Thank you for helping expose this organization and its operator(s) for what it really is.

PHLZ said...

No bank can loan their own assets nor their depositors assets. That is law. The system setup by the Fed since 1933 was to create birth certificate trusts of every person and fund those trusts with credits. All loans are derived from these credits. This is not speculation. This is how it works. The real scam is the financial banking system that we are forced to follow. To get a legal remedy, you must submit an administrative remedy to the proper channels to be compensated, with penalties, for their taking your credits when you borrowed money. They never loaned you a thing. Freedom Club has endeavored to weave through the maze and red tape to accomplish a legal remedy through Admiralty Law. They are not making this up. Many know of this background that are not part of FC. The difficulty is to get through all the channels to accomplish the payout and that is why it takes so long.

22REhater said...

Well obviously we can't depend on the US gov to shut them down. They are too busy with CYA and Snowden. Meanwhile people get ripped of by the Crook Tom Lawler and his crookies. What's it been about 10 years now? Thanks consumer protection agency, BBB, and other BS government do-nothings. Disclaimer: I never donated one penny to Tom L thankfully. I only would like to see him in jail where he belongs.