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New Internet Scam?

I have come across a new scam that you might be interested in.

It begins with an ad in a local paper (the Pennysaver, in my case) offering a free  2008Honda CBR1000RR motorcycle. I replied as much out of curiousity as desire for the bike. There was no phone number, I had to reply to an email address (

He replied with an introduction and sob story. He claimed he was from Tucson and he and his wife had bought the bike for their son in Hawaii, who suddenly died a few weeks ago. The just wanted to give the bike to someone who would use it and enjoy it, and his wife got really upset at the thought of seeing the bike and being reminded of the son.

All I had to do was pay the freight from Hawaii. I started to get an estimate online but they said that they have a freight company already there moving everything else and they would ship the bike. Also, they were moving to Winnepeg, Canada. I'm not sure why none of the son's other possessions wouldn't bother the wife.

I emailed their freight company ( for an estimate, though I couldn't find a website or phone number for them. They emailed me back with an estimate ($770.26), then with the name Portia Joseph in NYC  zip 10007 to wire the funds. They said that they do not accept COD because of a bad experience they had.

I told them that the address was insufficient for a wire transfer and they came back with a street address, and a phone number which I checked and found to be a cell number in Richmond, Queens, and the next day they emailed again to say not to send it there since their "accountant" was out of town and couldn't confirm the receipt.

They then came back with another name (Ronald Recher) in Houston TX 77099. I again said I needed a street address for a bank wire transfer and they clarified that they needed a Western Union transfer.

All this time, I was also getting daily emails (or more) from Tony Peterson asking what was up with it.

I emailed back that I didn't understand why they couldn't accept COD when most freight companies do, especially since I would pay CASH on delivery. They replied that they could not

Of course I did not send any money since it sounded like a scam, so I did reply to their original ad again using another aol screen name and claiming that I was from Fairfield NJ and with a different name. The same thing started over again with an almost identical reply but a quote from karentrucking of about $850. I then asked for a copy of the bill of lading.

Both correspondences abruptly ended thereabouts.

I have saved all of the emails from both of them and to both of them. I printed them out and took them to the local police dept (New Milford, CT by the way) to see if they have an internet fraud investigator, but they don't and suggested either the FBI or the State Police, but the officer said that there were so many schemes out there and it was unlikely that it would be acted upon.

Then I came upon your website and figured it was worth a try.

I have not lost any money to them but it is pretty obviously a scam to me. If you are interested in pursuing this, I can forward to you copies of all of the emails with the complete headers.

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